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hi there! I'm Enki, a 21 year old trans girl! I'm new here, but not to fedi.

I like hardcore and metal, computers, and snoots of all kinds!

don't be afraid to say hi :3

snouts mods are great, but we have a fundamental incompatibility.

i'll be moving instances here shortly, i'll update when that happens

the fact that people think feminism ruined the superb owl concert should tell you all you need to know about men

really lewd, kink, watersports, cursed 

gimmie pp uwu

pol, hot take i guess 

instead of defending mao and stalin online, maybe start helping your community organize and become self-sufficient

buying salvatore ferragamo is the fucking pinnacle of white feminism
"give a few hundred dollars to a trans woman of color? nah, shoes"

"im totally fine with trans people but don't you dare make tony stark trans"
like, why? what could you possibly have against trans tony stark that isn't just spicy transphobia

death ment, hardcore lyrics 

hellbringer by get the shot straight up says "death to oppressors" and talks about murdering "the fascist pigs"

"When this rat hole goes up in flames
I won't complain
Death to oppressors
I despise you mindless fear bringers
Rest in pain
Death to oppressors
Your struggle is meant to fail
Death to oppressors
I refuse to live enslaved
Death to oppressors"

"The blood spills from fascist pigs"

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my favorite thing about hardcore is that literally all of it is leftist

i have not found a single apolitical hardcore band, or a conservative hardcore band

Kinda pol 

If you aren't starting a grassroots anarchist/leftist coalition in your city or town, you have no room to tell people to not vote

Either vote for the better candidate, or actually do something to make a palpable difference

Sometimes I think about the fact that white people think having basic empathy is a psychic superpower

liberals: "curing cancer will never happen because it isn't profitable under capitalism"

also liberals: "capitalism is literally perfect"

lain subtoot 

lain is an anime nazi and serial harasser/abuser, stop boosting them please

Mh~ self reflection 

I feel like my personality has become "angry/depressed emo kid" and I want to stop that but I dunno how


So uh
I wrote a lexer
Like an actual one

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