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I want a make a fursona for all my fav foods to eat
Raw salmon - bear
Egg - ferret
Cheese - rat

when drink a la croix like i dont burp at all until the can is done then it all comes up at once. la croix is cursed

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By [email protected] !

Coda Possum feels at home in their favorite classic handheld :)

Do all furries use telegram.
Theirs is a serious question please answer

I don’t have any online names or nick names or fursona names so when I get asked my name I just say my real name. Like no big deal. But then they call me by my real name and I’m like 🙀 THEY KNOW TOO MUCH

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Got the tip of my thumb pinched in an umbrella and now I’ve got a mini toe bean on the tip of my thumb

everyone needs to be required to give a 20 second sample of your voice so i dont assume you sound like a squeaky high pitched cartoon

I like toons with ill-fitting clothes. Sleeves too long - yes. Overalls sliding off the shoulders - double yes

This shampoo smells like banana laffy taffy

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