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I'm Keeble! I'm a bird online sometimes. My other account is @realmaxkeeble , neither account is that much different from each other content-wise.

They/Them, Pansexual, NYC-based. Generically leftist, but with a strong situationist bent. I listen to a lot of music and am basically always down to talk about it. Only became a furry p. recently, in Oct. 2019, and I love it here so far. be my friend!

every time healyn disappears for like 3 days I just assumed he started a cult and we'll be hearing about it in the news in a few months

Twitter is funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers to develop a hole. Just a really big hole. The hole will be in the ground. And when it is done they will throw Jack into it and quietly fill it back up

spicy opinion, re: twitter and fedi (feat. politics) 

uh Sel i think knzk was down for like three months and nothing less.

@fakemaxkeeble I honestly think that's one of the best TV movies that *any* western cartoon has had. There's something about the TV show parody concept + time travel that plays with the established lore of the characters that just elevates it to something very engaging.

Touch starved but at least I have my beloved childhood stuffed tiger Hobbes to keep me company (I was a very original child with the naming as you can see)

*sees a bird*
*sighs wistfully*
i love u flappy fuckers

birds are compressed bastard. cockatiels have more BSI (bastard per square inch) than i could ever hope to achieve

eye contact, new avi 

Watching an episode of spongebob for the first time and yeah this show was actually quite good

I have to get used to that and ignoring the visceral negative reaction I have to spongebobs voice every time

Getting a commission, or as I like to call it, decision paralysis hell

i should prob pin this:

hi! im duende. i had a panic attack and deleted my first account (oops)

the admins were nice enough to let me re-create with my old username but i lost all my followers and content

so basically, if ur suddenly seeing us no longer as mutuals:

i didn’t unfollow or block u! im just dumb. feel free to follow me again if u did previously!!!

i never saved a list of who was doing so, so im not gonna do a mass-DM chain or anything

anyway awrwrrarwrarwrr

@fakemaxkeeble "it is always inherently destructive to (you, society, the moral rightness of the universe) to believe or do something which is not empirically well-founded" is NOT an empirically well-founded belief, tell all of your friends!

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