Disco Elysium looks pretty cool, but I really have no interest in playing as an alcoholic white guy. Again.

This is not to say DE is a bad game. I'm sure it's nice in its way.

But we are constantly bombarded with expressions of white anxiety about the future. The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games, Rick and Morty, Westworld, etc. There's just a certain fatalism about the world that all these shows carry that are coming from a specific context.

They all have their place, but I'm just tired of being served the same social context over and over and over again in media.

The world is a big place.

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@Are0h This reminds me of something I was posting about a while back, possibly before I got onto Mastodon: This sense of apocalypse and finality, this sense of the world being finite and coming to an end, is based in White Fragility, a Christian vision, in a Western European-North American sense of "progress" where things only get better. The fact is, for most of us, Jews, Black people, indigenous peoples of the Americas, the world has ended constantly and consistently. You just deal with it.

@MoMartin I could not agree with this more.

There are a lot of shows that rhapsodize about the END OF HUMANITY and just regurgitate what oppressed people have gone through multiple times. Yeah, they do it with bombastic threats meteors and bombs, but the devastation is not new to us.

Hunger Games did this and it received endless accolades, but marginalized people experience that brutality everyday.

Most of it is just white people fretting about having to exist as us.

@Are0h Mike Davis, the urbanist, has a whole analysis of disaster fiction in Ecology of Fear, where he says that basically, why is 19-21st century fiction obsessed with blowing up cities? Because that's where black and brown folk live, that's where immigrants live. They're so fucking scared.

@MoMartin Exactly. There's a reason why these rugged, redneck, survive on squirrels and raccoons, motorcycle tough guy narratives are so popular, but the Brown single mom that has been gutting it out for most of her life aren't.

There is a specific investment in particular tropes while completely ignoring the lived experience and histories of folks that have actually gone through loss on a massive scale and survived.

It's obvious and tiresome at this point.


@Are0h @MoMartin not to mention that the few times somewhat popular media does show something approaching the lived history of everyday people, like moonlight or the florida project, the response to it from moneyed interests is often something like "this highlights an important issue, if only Something Could Be Done About This [in a way that involves me not having to do anything]"

@fakemaxkeeble @MoMartin This reminds of the recent Notre Dame situation where BILLIONS were raised in a few days, but an issue like homelessness in the Bay gets constant lip service as being TOO HARD AND COMPLEX to fix.

Nah. It's just greedy bastard creating conditions that harms people and not wanting to take responsibility for fixing the problem.

Which is usually the same narrative a number of Western apocalyptic themed stories.

@Are0h @fakemaxkeeble @MoMartin didn't some cities around the globe fix homelessness by providing housing to the people?

the problem in the bay, of course, is that a great majority of the homeless population is black, so, uhm… yah

maybe they really did something to deserve being homeless¹, and how can you be so sure they don't actually want to be homeless²?

¹ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just-wor
² the percentage of these is actually extremely low

@meena @fakemaxkeeble @MoMartin I'd have to look up specific examples, but I know there are a few places that are doing more than yelling "GET A JOB" out of a window and calling the cops when someone sits on their stoop.

But, as with most social issues in the States, it's not about the actual problem, but punishing people that are not liked.

@Are0h @fakemaxkeeble @MoMartin problem with GET A JOB is you need an address for several steps of getting a job and getting paid and getting a new home

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