i mentioned this on an episode of commune college, but it frustrates me when people use "nobody being here" as an excuse to avoid mastodon and the fediverse at large

really shows people's true colors, doesn't it? the second it involves actual work of maintaining a space, of building something, of creating something greater, they bristle

they expect the spectacle to defeat the spectacle and not reinforce it, or merely don't care

"ah, but im just here on twitter for the japes!"

than bring the jape energy here. build something. don't expect content to be handed to you

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like...going on mastodon and putting work into making it cool/the place you wanna be is quite literally the least you can do to reclaim your life from the oppression of capital. it takes rethinking about personal ambition and favoring collective ambition, favoring community ambition, more than that

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@fakemaxkeeble It's not even that hard to bring the japes, Sam just started an entire meme by asking for dads to be CW'd! People just don't want to try.

@fakemaxkeeble I get a bit of flak from my friends in regards to being on Mastodon instead of Twitter because I could be going viral on there with the stuff I post

and like, no I wouldn't. I've been on Twitter long enough to know that the algorithm buries me. getting noticed by brands is not my idea of interaction

@kelerak2 also if the point of social media is to "go viral" than its less social, more media. its like being on a tiny record label with the goal of getting signed by columbia or rca or whatever rather than destroying the need for columbia or rca to be the only way to make money making music that's not what i want

@fakemaxkeeble "nobody is here" is such a wack argument because you could at least try to sell your friends on joining masto instead of immediately lying facedown on the floor and refusing to even try

@fakemaxkeeble or like. lurk for a while and see what's what and you'll find new cool people which is basically my experience

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