so many people never gave up edgelord humor and just shifted the target of their edgy above-it-all attacks to those that aren't stigmatized to make fun of anymore

a lot of ostensible leftists will happily rag on fat people, short people, ace people, kinnies, poly people, furries, juggalos, gender non-conforming people, and a lot of other subgroups if they can get 10 retweets out of it

they know to stay clear of the things they'll get ragged on for, but merely out of self-preservation

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yes, ive seen people like these posts who defend people who do this crap

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@Red also think back to jon stewart on the daily show saying transphobic shit on the regular back in 2004 while liberals and even leftists watched it unquestioning (i know i didn't question it at the time)

@fakemaxkeeble i watched a lot of tds back then and i don't even remember it which tells me it didn't seem abnormal at the time

@fakemaxkeeble Its almost like it doesn't connect in their brain that these people are real and that's why they can make fun of them. Because they dont know any (they probably do and just dont know it) people that one of these so they find it ok to make fun off them. Atleast that's my theory on it.


This is why I care less what team people say they belong to and more about whether or not they are gonna stick up for folks.

@fakemaxkeeble leftism should be about kindness, not about some rules on things you can't say. If you think about kindness first, you'll realise that it's not ok to make fun of things people can't control or aren't hurting anyone.


I agree. The "you're not from a historically marginalized group so stop complaining when I make fun of you" crowd got obnoxious before they even started.
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