annoying increasingly common trend is trying to have the double standard that while sex work is work and we should support sex workers, of course anyone pathetic enough to actually hire a sex worker deserves to be looked down upon

hmmmm...i wonder if part of the reason so many clients are shitty to sex workers is because its so stigmatized that they have internalized shame about it...naah that can’t be it

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@fakemaxkeeble normalize both engaging in sex work and being a patron of the sex work industry in healthy capacities

@fakemaxkeeble partially the internalized shame, partially the stigma associated with selling one's body, partially socially-ingrained misogyny

@fakemaxkeeble having flashbacks to the phrase “demand reduction”

@fakemaxkeeble I have felt like that mindset has vern around a long while. I hear it in fandom spaces, which has (another) level of hypocrisy towards the SWer (vs the people who buy)

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