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So… hi! I'm Fauna and I'm the world's largest deer!

Actually, I'm:
• 35
• A game dev
• Not really male, female, nonbinary, agender, or anything! My gender is deer
• My pronouns, however, are she/her
• I use "lesbian" as a shorthand to express my attraction to girls and nonbinary people who eschew more masculine concepts
• I play videogames but it's okay because I'm very ashamed

I'm hopefully very approachable, since I'd like to meet some new folks here

gender, shitpost, n-axis diagrams 

I think n-axis gender diagrams are kinda silly because they fundamentally ignore things like internal perception of gender relative to the person and also they tend to lump things that do and do not belong in with one another

and, so, I have created the Gendercube™, a protest shitpost

shitpost, nerf gun, just the worst joke 


food, mild horny 

"nutter butter" sure is a name for something you can put in your mouth

politics! POLITICS! 

I see a lot of people who say "the term tankie is totally meaningless" and boy fuckin' howdy every single one of them is absolutely the kinda person I'd call a tankie

anyway who wants to become a ghost hunter with me but really all we do is make out in abandoned buildings

when can it be the 20th so i can play panel de pon

Fauna booped

game design is fake, do whatever you want. game design as a concept is basically what encompasses the relationship between the player and the game itself and you can do literally anything you want in that space, it's okay


let yourself be free


yeah i'm a dilf

D eer
I 'd
L ike to

nsfw, horny 

plagued by the thought of ringing a bell and walking down the street, going "get yer deer milk here, fresh deer milk, straight from the tap"


OKAY I confused "like" and "boop" which is why I wasn't getting a confirmation dialogue for booping

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