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thanks to the generosity of my dear dear friend thursday and the depictory prowess of, i'm more lizard than ever

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(hoists voulge) i'm a voulge man now. never go anywhere without my voulge

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anyway after 13 years of being a furry i've finally figured out what my fursona oughta be and enlisted a friend (@rasterdreams on twitter/fa) to help materialize it. so here's my sword lizard erato (they/them) (swords still forthcoming)

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hey i made a game for about star monsters and classification, in concert with the inimitable @[email protected]

challenging work sets off my anxiety in general, but writing in particular, and especially editing drafts, sends me straight into flight mode. it's hard to slow myself down enough to even be mindful of what's happening

writing is so hard. it's the hardest job in the world. it's impossible to do.

"i'll just write a scant 500 words, a little bite-sized essay that i can start and finish quickly" 6 weeks and 1900 words later

my clothes are on my dog is empty and my dishes are CLEAN

i wanna be productive but that would involve getting out of bed and getting dressed and w*lking the d*g and that's hhhhhhhh

this has to be a somewhat old topic at least bc competitive games exist, and a serious player gets way more intimately familiar with an overwatch character or a smash bro or even a competitive pokemon than you ever do w/ lufia

at its best, i think, this is what lufia 1 delivers for me. i had to pay a lot of attention to the (damage) capabilities of each party member as they related to each enemy in an area and that fostered a certain familiarity w/ each one, continually learning how best to deploy them

some rpg parties are sleek vessels for self-expression and power fantasy, and some are clunking machines you learn how to operate and maintain, and succeed on your knowledge of the intricacies of their use and inner workings

this is the logic i can see behind a party structure like (say) lufia 1's. a team with strict roles is one that makes fewer compromises than one where different characters can solve the same problem, but with different costs.

there are times it feels like a strength for a character to have exactly one thing they're good at, because having multiple hats to wear means some of your time will be spent doing what's needed instead of what you're best at. a fighter is always free to keep whacking away

rpg fighters that can only attack and use items and never learn any skills are valid

setting reasonable goals and achieving them?? that fucks

there will never be a time when seeing soul blazer on my tl fails to make me smile

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i wanna watch the new episode of the game of thrones television show but in the two years since the last one i have forgotten which Alternative Sources will not give my laptop a cyberdisease

some of what i've been working on lately will help me balance that out but good lord is it ever clear that i have a comfort zone

anyway i have 4 right now and i'm actively mortified at how long it takes me to get any writing done. turns out i'm one of those people who loves to have ideas but has no interest in making content to embed them in

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