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i read this when i was 6 no wonder i am the way i am

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(hoists voulge) i'm a voulge man now. never go anywhere without my voulge

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anyway after 13 years of being a furry i've finally figured out what my fursona oughta be and enlisted a friend (@rasterdreams on twitter/fa) to help materialize it. so here's my sword lizard erato (they/them) (swords still forthcoming)

me: i should do some work
mario xcom: mario xcom
brain: he has a point

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high fashion is literally just physical shitposting

Oh wow.

Anna Anthtropy published the slides for her introduction to games design course called games literacy

Alongside this she shared an overview of her class (please do not click edit on that link)

This is not a full syllabus but yeah, p useful if you wanna know about games

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Pitching my new toy idea to the big wigs, “Croce Elf, sings Jim Croce’s hits, looks like Jim Croce”

Some flower themed nonbinary and rainbow phone wallpapers. Use them as you like.

#flowers #phonewallpaper #gay #nonbinary #rainbow #lgbtq #gaypride #nonbinarypride

brief interlude from me saying whether or not i like a song:

a lot of people talk about the lyricism of the red hot chili peppers and i think that's unfair. anthony kiedis could say whatever the fuck he wanted while this bass guitar was going. it was never about him


ive been listening to this video of yoshi's voice pitched down on loop for hours

having it in the 40-70% range is cool because it's high enough to encourage you to take risks but not high enough that you can rely on it.
they do much less than double damage but still enough to frequently make the vital difference, AND they inflict status ailments

the real innovation of mario x rabbids is that everyone on my team has minimum 40% chance to crit with basic attacks and i didn't have to work for it at all

it's time for a new start *cuts off all my gender*

what if: gecko dragons, but the same size as regular geckos

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