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im just a geck, stop making me do computer and just let me sleep under a lamp 22 hours a day

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hello i probably have enough for a ref sheet now, so, here

there's more i wanted to add, and i will, but this is presumably enough to get the message across

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p.s. i am aware that at the end of the day it doesn't matter whether green fur is possible in real life or not

today in "shitposts that i am now seriously considering"

is the fur green? i assume green fur is impossible and not just like, didn't happen to show up ever

if ppl can be fluffdragons why can't i be a fluffgecko

snouts sleepover is just Crying To Post Rock

thinkin about waces' planarian char again

im love them

commission for SapphireSheep of her sona having a yummy coffee boba!

commission info:

fursona lore time [food] 

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