Viera and moogles and chocobos are all pretty standard go-to's for Square-inspired fursonae.

But you shouldn't forget about behemoths, nu mou and bangaa, all of whom are extremely important.

meanwhile if you're into the Stalwart Reptile Friend/Shonen Protagonist aesthetic, I recommend bangaa

Of course, my third recommendation is going to be a huge fuzzy monster because I adhere to a type whether I want to or not. Behemoths! Behemoths are super good, fuzzy and strong and definitely a top tier choice.

There are also MANY varieties, all of whom deserve boops and treats.

these outfits are all too cool for gender

@garrcanine yeeeessss 💕 I’m such a huge fan of the ivalice races (and very, very much a fan of behemoths 💕) especially in the art style used for the tactics advance games.

The nu mou in 12 were a bit more iffy (imo going with a fully furred face would’ve looked closer to the original and might’ve looked better), but I love them all the same

@WrenYena @garrcanine I love FF12 with all of my hear and they nailed bangaas and moogles but the nu mou are sadly trash, haha

@ShugoWah @garrcanine yeahhh, I was really looking forward to some precious soft bunny-dog friends, but instead they look a bit like they came out of a 3d animated Dr Seuss film 😓

@garrcanine Final Fantasy Tactics Advance/A2 are so underrated

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