Viera and moogles and chocobos are all pretty standard go-to's for Square-inspired fursonae.

But you shouldn't forget about behemoths, nu mou and bangaa, all of whom are extremely important.

Sleepy Witch energy is especially important in 2018's climate, and might be especially attractive to newbies from tumblr.


Of course, my third recommendation is going to be a huge fuzzy monster because I adhere to a type whether I want to or not. Behemoths! Behemoths are super good, fuzzy and strong and definitely a top tier choice.

There are also MANY varieties, all of whom deserve boops and treats.

these outfits are all too cool for gender

@garrcanine yeeeessss 💕 I’m such a huge fan of the ivalice races (and very, very much a fan of behemoths 💕) especially in the art style used for the tactics advance games.

The nu mou in 12 were a bit more iffy (imo going with a fully furred face would’ve looked closer to the original and might’ve looked better), but I love them all the same

@WrenYena @garrcanine I love FF12 with all of my hear and they nailed bangaas and moogles but the nu mou are sadly trash, haha

@ShugoWah @garrcanine yeahhh, I was really looking forward to some precious soft bunny-dog friends, but instead they look a bit like they came out of a 3d animated Dr Seuss film 😓

@garrcanine Final Fantasy Tactics Advance/A2 are so underrated

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