Nascar race names sound AI generated - "Big Machine Hand Sanitizer 400 Powered by Big Machine Records"

sufficiently advanced gay (indistinguishable from magic)

@heytanuki I landed from my flying gay broom and waved my hand to open the door using my gay. Inside my partner cooked our dinner with a gay twist from her hand. Fae hadn't noticed me yet, so I paused to watch faer beautiful, gay motions. Fae turned, and a bright smile lit up faers face.
"Come on in beautiful, dinner's almost done."
I blushed, set my broom aside, and sat at our floating, gay table. My tiredness from work faded away and I could help but think "I love faer so much."

Y'know those "we buy houses" signs, often held up with zip-ties? Those are put up by people who are trying to kill your neighborhood. They're trying to displace you and your neighbors, so they can "develop" that area and make it more appealing to rich people.

Carry a pocket knife and tear those fucking things down. No one will stop you.

"Orange Arms!"

My Sengoku Driver finally came in! Gaim is one my favorite shows and the belt is so damn cool and fun to play with!!!

Respect this flag or go to hell. Black Trans lives matter because it sure as fuck isnt white trans people getting murdered.

a song demo i recorded early this year. it's straight thru and live and i mess up some stuff but it's OH KAY

Today I learned that Ken Sample, a black furry artist, was either one of the first people or /the/ first person to come up with the concept of the fursona.

Just two kids Beyblading in a Target parking lot, no masks, no cares in the world

a random selection of pics off my phone (one of these is kinda lewd) 

I dont even remember where I got these

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If you assume a Trans person's name must be a direct gender-swapped variant of their birth name, they are legally allowed to slap you across the face.


Local bun place has a new location near me! Bun night!

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