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Gonna do myself a proper introduction. :blobcatpeek:

My name's Geno and I like to draw! My main sona is a big fluffy kirin who likes to sit on his friends.

What do I draw?
Macro/micro: Yes!
Horny wrestling: Yes!!
Slice-of-life that is wholesome but also horny: Yes!!!
Butts: Constantly!!!!!

Thank you for your time.

smash spoilers 

smash spoilers 

furry wrestling, thigh squeeze 

furry wrestling, thigh squeeze 

In case you were wondering what my comics look like in their earliest phase...

Hey Geno, did you remember to put the glasses on them? Hey Geno?? Why are you running back to your tablet???

look at my back meme 

TF, boobies 

TF, underboob 



macro/micro, butt, swimwear 

butt, macro/micro, swimwear 

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