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Gonna do myself a proper introduction. :blobcatpeek:

My name's Geno and I like to draw! My main sona is a big fluffy kirin who likes to sit on his friends.

What do I draw?
Macro/micro: Yes!
Horny wrestling: Yes!!
Slice-of-life that is wholesome but also horny: Yes!!!
Butts: Constantly!!!!!

Thank you for your time.

jokey nsfw shirt 

I wanted to do my own take on the latest shirt meme. Starring Felix because sergal.

macro/micro, taped to paw 

Decided to come back and color this pic. I like it too much to leave it at lines!

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macro/micro, taped to paw 

Maki hasn't been here long but she already found herself a workout buddy!

big cat paw 

This is still a WIP, but wow this new brush is making me so happy with my linework...

My latest OC! I'm so happy with her!!
Notable attributes:
*Can do a big punch
*Likes coffee as much as the average person
*Strong 2 (VERY STRONG)

Here's all the stuff I have on Lance so far! A streamer and a wrestler... the modern world allows strong dogs to do this.

Wanna doodle stuff for Lance, my Lucario. Here's a rough pass at their wrestling outfit! They originally weren't meant to be a recurring character, so I'm having to update the look to make it flashier.

And yes, that is all pants. Might make more sense once it's in color. :blobcat_mlem:

After enough time to think and enough feedback, I'm gonna go with the first palette! Thank you for voting :blobcatlove:

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Which do you like better?

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I'm making some slight changes to Silke and am curious which colors y'all like better...

kirin eating food 

What do you mean "those aren't sliders"???

sketch of kirin eating food 

Rough sketch! Just something I wanted to draw for me. :blobmiou:

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