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I don't think I've made a proper introduction post so here goes:

I'm a red fox but also a science educator, studio artist and writer. I primarily tell stories about gay romance and erotica.

You can find my stuff here:


I don't jive well with homophobes or people who fail intersectional approaches for understanding and empathy.

The made magic the gathering digital and finally got me into it

I think the easiest proof of the sexism in WoW is how many people condemn Sylvanas for her evil actions but stan Nathanos at the same time.

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Say what you want about Sylvanas but if you explained the personalities of Eitrigg, Saurfang, Baine, Thrall and Rexxar to me I couldn't be able to tell you which belonged to whom.

Everybody on WoW: you want a10+ mythic dungeon carrya yeh?

Me: no I just want to play shrine of the storms 0 until it drops the sea pope outfit

Sided with sylvanas in the horde quest. Hope the game doesn't punish me for it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I wish grad programs would stop making us do literature review papers and projects because we’re supposed to be more advanced than that I feel and we should prove we know how to read by now

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many fursuit makers already have established “brands”, and established characteristics that distinguish their works. people do buy them for those attributes. we’re kidding ourselves if we pretend that’s not true, and you’re kidding yourself if you think you invented it just now

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I also see that there’s a lot of huffy customers of Haute couture fursuits in that designed fursuit thread and it’s time that they faced the reality that when you create a market of artisans like that, mass production claiming to be elite will sweep in. Furry isn’t immune to capitalism.

I wrote a story in a dystopian anthology called “Losing Yourself” about fursuits playing a role in late capitalism and dialed it up to 11 for dark humor’s sake.

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I always get confused when furries talk about hypno because I never know if they mean deep meditation w/ voice suggestions or swirly eye mind control nonsense that only exists in fantasy

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