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I don't think I've made a proper introduction post so here goes:

I'm a red fox but also a science educator, studio artist and writer. I primarily tell stories about gay romance and erotica.

You can find my stuff here:


I don't jive well with homophobes or people who fail intersectional approaches for understanding and empathy.

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The public free to play release of The Smoke Room is out. I'm one of its writers. It's a gay horror and romance VN set in Arizona. Warning for some violence, sex, and some explicit language.

Please give it a go if you're into creepy pasta, period pieces, or atmospheric horror.

Having a great christmas eve with board games and stocking stuffers. I really like the deck builder called ascension. We're going to play Dominion next, though I'm unsure which expansions came with the box we got.

what rough beast, its hour come at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

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Still feels a little surreal that I've written for a visual novel like the ones I used to read and love.

Really happy to be a part of something like that.

If there any furry musicians out there possibly hit me up? Looking for a composer for a Furry VN. Trying to find folk, jazz or even a vocalist for 1915 era stuff.

Kinda pumped about... actually working on my dream project. I've wanted to contribute to furry visual novels ever since I played morenatsu for the first time almost a decade ago. Feels surreal to actually be one of the people contributing to a real project people can see and hear and experience.

I think a lot of queer spaces become homogenized into mostly femme or mostly masculine and it's not really a problem I know how to solve but it's a consistent pattern that I see

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game dev, suicide reference 

Hrm. Oh no. SOme of Nine inch nails is hot.

90 minute classes are really hard to plan for. I'm so used to 55 minute durations haha.

Emotional moods of some of the fire emblem games:

Path of Radiance: I'm a free spirit and I make my own rules on MY terms.

Sacred Stones: *listens to the cure while watching blade*

Fates: OwO Did you NOTICe My BoObLes???

Three houses: All of my babies are dead and I killed them.

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