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Hey y’all! I’m London, @Sapphicgiraffic ‘s wife! We live in the Deep South and I’m 27, agender, she/her please 💖 I make traditional art (in 2 and 3 dimensions) and I’m into a lot of crafting type things. I collect bjd and enamel pins!

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Shit I’m hot

(not actually ec but poor lighting may have ec effect)

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backstory, why sapphicgiraffic and I are struggling 

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super cute crossed animals room design shot 

Hey can anybody help me move $9 from cashapp to Paypal?

No posts since Saturday cus I’ve been crossing animals what did I miss

please read - i was laid off work today; my workplace is closing today and it won’t reopen until at least apr 6; gonna reply to this with a donation link once i’ve got one set up; please bookmark this post for reference if you would like to help me out; please retoot this post; thank you

covid-related begposting FULFILLED 

“Shamwow half off clearance sale booped your snoot” is certainly all words

Hey anybody got some of them good newbie rundown posts for people just getting into the fediverse? Converting a friend from the hellpits of FB and want to give her the best start possible

if you don't talk to your kids about infosec, who will?

*yosemite sam noises* I wrote a whole freakin application essay and FORGOT about APPLICATION FEES

they're like "thank you your application has been accepted!" and then hit you with THIS

Y’all talk my adhd, ptsd, ocd, chronic pain, bad credit having ass tf down from thinking about going to college please

Living on campus with my student sister in law is putting wild ideas above my station in my head.


food pic, dancing onions 🧅 

saw a gamer post that said “literary analysis is deeply disrespectful” in the context of fiction existing solely as an “escape” and I think it should be up there in the pantheon of bad posts, right next to “vagina bones” and “forced diversity”

I love my autistic wife, I’m glad she’s autistic and my wife

@wgahnagl @glamorshark imagine the "MY LEG" guy from sponge bob but instead it's me, a lesbian, shouting "MY WIFE"

I really wish ADHD had a better/easier name to identify with, like autism/autistic/autist. Being proud and open about my neurodivergence gets so clunky.

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