micro, macro headcanon 

this was a pokestop
now it's all covered with daisies
you got it
you got it

cute pet name for my ferret bf 

fursona talk 

kink shitpost 

my antlers are a wifi hotspot so that i can always bless my friends with online

XD im just a random penguin who loves waffles


i like having my own place because sometimes i just need time to myself to recover and recharge uwu

that striking white-grey-black color scheme with a shock of bright yellow and a flash of red? iconic.

you know what rules? seagulls. they're like the best bird. i love em

John Jacob Jingleheimer Joestar

「his stand is my stand too」

my bed is so comfy and i love it very much, goodnight

i want to swim laps in the seltzer pool. breaking the surface tension over and over again with my arms, and feeling the bubbles erupt against my arms every time. warhagrarhbling in the liquid as i swim forward. SO hot. SO warm in the big seltzer tub where I am swimming laps. enough to make you sweat

food mention shitpost 

nah, bro... it's not thicc if the thighs don't touch

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