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if jojo was the lead singer of creed he'd say "yare yare YASSAAAYYY"

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heavy is the head that wears the cat ear headband

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is it cloutchasing if i save my best posts for when duende and hyperlink are online because i know i'll get free boosts

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are you a top? you know legally if you are you have to tell us

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twenty twenty twenty more gallons to go
i wanna be inflated

lewd shitpost 


:birdsite: shitpost 

can't wait to be at the car seat headrest concert so i can tap duende on the shoulder to get their attention and whisper in their ear "This is the part of the song where Will gives up. He dissociates himself from his own romance until it becomes just a fantasy. This is not something that could happen to him; this is something that takes place only in his mind. But he blinks now, and shakes himself awake. He has rejoined society. Come, dear children, call no more. He has only lyrics now."

today is incredibly unlucky and guaranteed to be a disaster. what? no i dont mean friday the 13th. tonight is the office christmas party.

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horny merch shitpost, but at this point why not, i mean really what's stopping me 

they call it xbox one cause when you see it you turn around one time and walk away

who wants to go shopping with me this weekend because everything's on sale and retail therapy is just as good as the regular kind

i love getting invited to the office christmas party because it's fun to turn down an invitation to a party you're too cool for B)

kinda wanna go shopping and get big dinner tonight kinda wanna sit at home and veg

i guess my dog sona could just be... jackal glen. i mean it's right there

okay for actual though, give CRYING- GET OLDE a listen. its real fun little chiptuny album.

i truly cannot overstate how much LMFAO you had to listen to if you were in college in 2011. it was everpresent

my top 10 albums of the 2010s:

crying - get olde

1000 gecs

badbadnotgood IV

fukcin that cshr one with the hugging dogs. the old one

neil cic mouth moods


something by sonata arctica i guess

scary monsters and nice sprites? idk i was into it in college

jagged little pill. i know it's old but i listened to it a lot this decade

the tron: legacy soundtrack

lmfao sorry for party rocking cause it's definitely the album i listened to the most this decade, whether i wanted to or not

i liked that one with the, what was it... the one with the dumb horse. benny and the gecs.

i don't think i even listened to ten albums this decade lol i can't do the meme


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