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if jojo was the lead singer of creed he'd say "yare yare YASSAAAYYY"

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heavy is the head that wears the cat ear headband

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is it cloutchasing if i save my best posts for when duende and hyperlink are online because i know i'll get free boosts

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are you a top? you know legally if you are you have to tell us

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twenty twenty twenty more gallons to go
i wanna be inflated

ph (-) 

ph (-) 

horny shitpost 

horny shitpost 

joaquin phoenix? more like wacky 'n funny antics! jokes!


hey macklemore 

if they're hot as hell, dumb as bricks, and solve mysteries they're called a colombo

boston local comic con 


ph shitpost 

food shitpost 

ph food 


taking the day off tomorrow due to blegh

ive broken a few eggs lately and i really hope i make an omelette soon

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"Imposter syndrome" is a way to individualise class anxiety.

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