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i want extra spending cash for the holidays and want to keep my drawing skills fresh, so i'm opening for full-body single character commissions! dm me with your refs (again, one character only, please) and a short description of the pose/expression (NSFW OK!)

$25 for a simple colorless piece like below, + $10 extra if you want a splash of flat color!

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i'm gnarly! i'm a queer black furry artist pretending to be a latex cyberdragon online. while larping as said dragon, i may muse on mostly about cyberpunk stuff, furry stuff, other nerd stuff, shitpost, and more!

i have other fursonas too, but my dragon OC (his name's Azalea or Azal for short) is quickly becoming my favorite, so i'm using him to represent myself on!

(all art by me! censoring images because second one is A Pornography)

me: i'm a small, cute, soft possum boy who is pure of heart and i never swear

also me: my emotional state is best described sad horny or angry (sometimes all three) and i release this negative energy in the form of disgusting cursed online posts that i type with my dishwater smelling gremlin fingers and then proceed to revel in the ensuing pain and chaos that occurs after a sufficient amount of people see it

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like i kinda don't wanna touch this? this looks really good
maybe i'll just be very gentle

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just remembered that i've always wanted to play stories: the path of destinies for a long time cause there was a handsome fox man on the cover

"it is taking user gnarly a long time to make a post because they are very tiny and have to jump on each key. please be patient."

what should I do? (vore breakfast)
what should I do? (vore lunch)
what should I do? (vore dinner)
what should I do? (vore to bed)

wasabi confirmed too spicy for snouts dot online

nobody's that valid, not even Long Valid Johnson, and he was fucking long and valid. thus the name

hey snouts dot online pals, has anyone ever used an active usb3 extender cable? i want to be able to plug my webcam in on the other side of the room & point it at the couch for when i start streaming yakuza kiwami

if you have and you have a recommendation hit me up

the japanese title for Drakengard (Drag-on Dragoon) makes me think of a drag race for dragons

possums (and rodents) wearing glasses boost if you agree

listen. i support waluigi. i support you if waluigi is your . but i absolutely draw the fuckin line at being for waluigi. that shit is not

i could be a Queer Queen and call people "hon" and "honey" but i prefer "babe" as a more platonic referral

i like that babe is gender neutral

you're all babes

babes in the wood

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