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comms open! boosts appreciated!

doing full body colored pieces at $30 bucks o pop

can't afford that? no worries. colorless sketches are $20

(subjects can be SFW or NSFW, extra characters will cost extra!)

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my art, new OC, mild blood Show more

shadowbringers BIG HUGE spoilers Show more

shadowbringers spoilers Show more

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okay so i watched the cats trailer and between that and sonic and the live action lion king i'm.....i'm not sure studio execs or whoever's calling the shots here, like, understand,, why people like it or what it's for

two birbs live inside you
one is gay, the other is goth
They will NOT stop honking

pretty fucked up that they computer scanned a real life cat and did this to it imo :\

i never heard about cats till now. sounds fucked up!

dude you just posted sin

you are going to lose the grace of God

I am so, so sorry that happened to you. Men suck, I should know, lol! If you need to vent about it or whatever, I'm here! Hope your day is going well. :)


if you remember this bitch ass rabbit that was on every shirt in the 2000's you deserve a veteran's discount

horny, leashes/collars, light bondage, cock/ball worship Show more

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