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i'm gnarly! i'm a queer black furry artist pretending to be a latex cyberdragon online. while larping as said dragon, i may muse on mostly about cyberpunk stuff, furry stuff, other nerd stuff, shitpost, and more!

i have other fursonas too, but my dragon OC (his name's Azalea or Azal for short) is quickly becoming my favorite, so i'm using him to represent myself on!

(all art by me! censoring images because second one is A Pornography)

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FROM THE PATREON: ...i mean, it IS the perfect place to catch some rays.

get yourself some of that VITAMIN D KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN?? YEAHHHHHHHHHH. subscribe today. #nsfw

[mum'ra from bloopers thundercats voice] show me your pronouns my dear

I roll a dexterity saving throw to determine whether or not I get off my ass and do something productive

*rolls dice*

*dice fall off table and fall into a nearby vent*


I'm sorry… did you just tell me the USB port is self-lubricating?

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@gnarlyanimal I remember a tumblr post that was along the lines of “gaining Eldritch knowledge was just the process of being woke and Lovecraft was racist so he didn’t like that” and was reblogged and captioned with “the callout of Cthulhu”

exposing yourself to the Eldritch Truth is like sapiosexual BDSM

i've just been sleeping all fucking day but i don't feel bad cause a bitch got her driver's license 💅

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MFF, legal protection re transphobia (+) Show more

the "make contact" gesture from bloodborne is just a deformed t-pose

smooching may progress to full on making-out if i'm sleepy enough

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