we can all tell if you're a top or a bottom based on which pokemon versions you decide to buy

final fantasy spirits within 2: the squeakquel

they sure do love... squirting their blue man fluids on things and the audience

just saw a performance with the blue man group with my mom and her friend and i'm convinced that the titular blue men are real world cryptids

Cool dad spotted biking uphill wearing a helmet with a mirror and an β€œI LOVE MY WIFE” t-shirt

the reason all my fursonas are under the age of 30 is because i'm hoping they'll one day make the forbes 30 under 30 list. i believe that's what it means.

which spider man has the thiccest ass

"chew toy" is a very good phrase to tease friends who are into vore and pooltoys/rubber

doug tennapel sell the rights to earthworm jim so that i can canonize the titular worm character as a bisexual icon challenge

Extremely CisHet Voice: so which one of you is the elf

ok the 'o shit a rat' meme has me actually breathlessfrom laughter holyf uck

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