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i'm gnarly! i'm a queer black furry artist pretending to be a latex cyberdragon online. while larping as said dragon, i may muse on mostly about cyberpunk stuff, furry stuff, other nerd stuff, shitpost, and more!

i have other fursonas too, but my dragon OC (his name's Azalea or Azal for short) is quickly becoming my favorite, so i'm using him to represent myself on!

(all art by me! censoring images because second one is A Pornography)

nsfw, my fursona's ass, human genitals Show more

Pulling a total power move and making red pandas a closed species. Sorry nerds, you have to ask my permission before you pretend animal on the internet. I own your imagination

took a long time to get here. really had to grind for this view.

i'm finally at the stage where i hate the things i post

running out of things to post! i need new ideas!! fresh material!!!

much like the flowers in my garden, my clout is perennial

i may lose some now, but by next season, i'll have gained it back

using the predictive power of machine learning algorithms to determine why my wife left me

We all loved the annoying orange until he moved into the WHITE HOUSE!!! BOOM!!! Haha I'll be here all night. You will never make me leave

I haven't posted this yet and that's a grievous mistake on my part

art was by CloverHare on Twitter πŸ’œ

very stupid doodle before i finish this commission

shouts out to the Pokemon Crystal Clear romhack crew for giving the starter Cleffa Belly Drum I love being Big Strong and sweeping a gym with a baby

gamer thumb was called "nintendonitis" by the media for an actual period of time in the 90s

i love the great mouse detective because basil and ratigan are such ex-boyfriends in their interactions

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