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comms open! boosts appreciated!

doing full body colored pieces at $30 bucks o pop

can't afford that? no worries. colorless sketches are $20

(subjects can be SFW or NSFW, extra characters will cost extra!)

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my art, new OC, mild blood 

asking for money, boosts ok 

if i were a trans girl i'd have the whitest girl name

like Emily

or Amanda

i saw moonlight while sleepy so i can't say anything other than please watch it

a horror film that simultaneously satirizes the culture of wealthy straight white men in wall street and effectively paints a grim picture of the unhinged mentality someone with that much privilege and power and their ability to get away with the most heinous shit to their (mostly minority) victims in a way that is scarily relevant isn't what i expected to delve into this saturday night

usually cause i'm watching bad anime at this hour

i decided to take a watch at american psycho (2000) and folks it is a ride. an uncomfortable ride, but a ride nonetheless


aside from the difference in font, one speaks in all caps, the other, all lowercase

the shorter brother is more chill and the taller one is more outspoken

i'm starting to wonder if sans and papyrus from undertale are loosely based on the ogre brothers from ff8

smash bros hot take 

smash bros hot take 

birdsite subtoot 

so like if i started making some crazy shit like stained wood/glass(acrylic) con badges or fuckin fursona music boxes or custom models and prints would that be a thing anyone's interested in??

it wouldn't be hideously expensive and it'd help me use and cover a piece of prototyping equipment that'll actually really help me out with work

petplay shitpost 

my boyfriend sent me a clip of this song and I just had to put the end of the clip to this GIF

Zombieland is way more of an Incel movie than the joker could ever be

JESSE EISENBERG: youโ€™re probably wondering why some anon from /b/ is one of the last humans alive, in a world full of zombies. Well... if thereโ€™s one thing that living in the apocalypse has taught me, itโ€™s โ€œRule 6: The Cake Is Always A Lieโ€

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