fat art by yiyani 

deaath of a right-wing industrialist who is responsible for killing the planet 

my art, fursona, tennis ball 

how serendipitous is it that i was sketching dog mouths on the same day tennis balls became the new snouts meta meme

crow holding knife + dark souls joke 

pokemon nsfw, implied vore, my art 

my art, mild nsfw, vore, FFXIV 

guess i'll do one of those artist introduction things to get in on the exposure from the twitter artist exodus

hi, i'm gnarly, a young enby black furry artist. my main interest is character design and colorful cartoon gay stuff. if that's you vibe, gimme a follow and a boost maybe?

yeah fuck you too karen. i've become one with the wolves and one of em became my new girlfriend, i don't need you

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