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kink stuff 

INKTOBER is coming

this year, to motivate my ass a bit more, i'm offering small, quick ink drawings to anyone who signs up as a $2+/mo patron OR buys me a ko-fi.

you can give me a little prompt for the drawing when you pledge, or afterward and i will draw it! on paper (2.5" x 3.5" bristol)! with real ink!

if you'd like, you can toss me a little more and i'll mail it to you when i complete them.



gonna redesign my possum sona, it's been two years since his inception

that's the thing about asses... everybody shits out of em. except for me. i'm a rebel who rejects society

cool thing about asses? gender neutral. you can appreciate a fine cake from anybody just about

horny for butts 

i refuse to believe any of the TF2 characters are horny in any capacity

can we talk about how unless you inherit a farm and/or sell your soul to a giant corporation, there's really no way for a young person to become a farmer?

a muscular bug man but in undies this time 

who's interested in a thread about my wildest interactions in fast food so far

the idea of wolves being tops because they hunt is dumb. clearly the noble wolf hunts for a top who will satisfy their ravenous hunger.

i don't really understand 'queer culture' its just a bunch of howling right

How do yall feel about this chart? Its apparently based on comments on Nintendo posts about new DLC characters.

commission for
on birdsite !!

my commission prices πŸ–ŒοΈ:

furries eating food 

naruto was at it's best when guy was acting like kakashi's himbo boyfriend

wait till i get my keyblade, god is gonna be over with

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