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Howdy. I need a job in the Seattle area.
SKILLS: Game design / programming (C#, LUA, Javascript, etc). The rare beast who can do it all.

WORK XP: I've worked on several (2) AAA Games as a Game designer, I've also worked as a game programmer + QA. I am mainly looking for game design work but I'll consider a lot.

How you can help: if you work somewhere or know someone, please get in touch. If you don't feel free to boost it. Can provide linkedin via dm

game work:


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I'll write a longer one later but about me:

Rides mopeds: My Tomos is the most reliable thing in my life.

Makes videogames: AAA Game designer at [REDACTED] Working on [REDACTED] but also making a game in my spare time starring talking animals
My games are here:

Also makes comics: I have a long (?) running webcomic, which I update about once a month when I have the capacity to at
(moving to a REAL website is on the horizion)

tackling the super-fun task of trying to get dialog triggers to actually work in a non-bad way.

right now it looks at every npc in the area, and if it's within 3 units of the player, it triggers that person's dialog.

Thing I shouldn't do: look at other, better looking, better polished, and better funded videogames before I go to work on my own

local game dev, update 

local game dev, uh, stuff 

local game dev, uh, stuff 

local game dev, uh, stuff 

local game dev, uh, stuff 

Cannot stop listening to Silver Jews' "American Water", it's such a good album. I'm so sad

Thief and The Cobbler, thoughts 

Thief and The Cobbler, thoughts 

I spent all day out with my former coworker yesterday so today I'm not leaving the house. sorry everyone! It's ME TIME

this is going to be a disaster, here we go

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entire comic is up now, you can read the whole thing for the first time ever. no more tumblr crap!

I registered a new domain. for my webcomic.

only got the last chapter's comics on there, but I should get around to uploading the rest soon...ish

this video on Valve joking about HL3 without actually doing anything is sorta how I feel.

this also includes some footage I haven't seen. Gabe comes off as this detached PNW techie who's never had to worry about anything for decades, and so problems are just an abstract to him.

avoiding updating my webcomic by, uhhh, trying to figure out how php works. I just name the file 'index.php' and plop that in my main directory, and it should work, yeah?

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