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Howdy. I need a job in the Seattle area.
SKILLS: Game design / programming (C#, LUA, Javascript, etc). The rare beast who can do it all.

WORK XP: I've worked on several (2) AAA Games as a Game designer, I've also worked as a game programmer + QA. I am mainly looking for game design work but I'll consider a lot.

How you can help: if you work somewhere or know someone, please get in touch. If you don't feel free to boost it. Can provide linkedin via dm

game work:


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I'll write a longer one later but about me:

Rides mopeds: My Tomos is the most reliable thing in my life.

Makes videogames: AAA Game designer at [REDACTED] Working on [REDACTED] but also making a game in my spare time starring talking animals
My games are here:

Also makes comics: I have a long (?) running webcomic, which I update about once a month when I have the capacity to at
(moving to a REAL website is on the horizion)

Ugears wood model kits are great for people whom you want to aggrivate greatly

Reached a breaking point with my wood model kit, it's not getting the fake exhaust pipes because they are a pain in the ass to insert correctly, and in a fit of frustration I snapped them all in half

wait thats not right, he's actually not elected, just some asshole who uses a company to get enough signatures to get ballot initiatives, he's also hyper convervative

got my ballot in the mail. this thing is incredibly long thanks to one state senator, who is an asshole, who perennially puts tons of useless voter initiatives on the ballot.

came home around 130, slept until like 330am, when I took a shower, then went to bed properly. its now like two in the afternoon

think I caught whatever sickness my housemates got, greeat

the person making the tweet has 16k followers so, of course, anything of any quality is going to go viral like that.

nothing makes me lose confidence in myself like someone posting a gameplay gif that has 5k retweets using mostly final art

I found a website that had a "Design a WW2 fighter plane" contest. Entrants range from actual designs to kid drawngs, and they're judged in detail by a bunch of plane nerds. it's actually pretty great

Starting to think that Amazon Game Studios only exists to warehouse developers since they have made several games and canceled them at the last minute, and the games they have released are for platforms no one plays games on, like the fire stick.

I guess there's the Grand Tour Game...

cursing trey and parker stone to feel something genuine and causing about 20 years worth of psychic damage instantly

Theres a product called "Trident Vibes" and I hate itl. how dare you take vibes from us. we have nothing now

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