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I'll write a longer one later but about me:

Rides mopeds: My Tomos is the most reliable thing in my life.

Makes videogames: AAA Game designer at [REDACTED] Working on [REDACTED] but also making a game in my spare time starring talking animals
My games are here:

Also makes comics: I have a long (?) running webcomic, which I update about once a month when I have the capacity to at
(moving to a REAL website is on the horizion)

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all my bikes aren't working I need to get them all working before I get another one

I think if I were to get into streaming I'd stream me repairing cars/bikes/etc, since it would be interesting and I could talk through it, and do so for several hours at a time.

i'm looking at the game dev streamer's discord, which is full of other people trying to do the same hustle, livestream and develop a game.

reading this my first impression was right: some Citroen freak was gonna snap it up and did, but he's got too many Citroens

aw shit, that fucking cheapass Citroen DS I looked at a few months ago is back on CL. I guess whoever bought it bit off more than they could chew

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Watched a very good GDC video on how to construct a good game pitch, from someone who knows what they are doing, but they don't have a slot for another 2 years so uhh, good to know

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I know it’s not the season, but this is such a blessèd image that I had to share.

I keep reading they were the first Japanese band, post ww2, to do original rock songs that weren't covers, and entirely in Japanese. that's incredibly wild.

Listening to Happy End a lot. they're really chill

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I don't want to learn how to do marketing. fuuuuuuckkkkkk

Lou Reed invented a whole genre of music because he was grumpy.

"I just need to decompress, this is self care"
*Loads "Jock Jams" CD into the CD player in my Jetta, slaps it into 1st gear and floors it right through an alfalfa field*

I'm not really jealous I'm just like "what are we even doing?"

he makes enough a month to have a house, which he plans on housing other streamers in, so he can be a landlord and stream at the same time. it's like why even do games at that point just play fortnite for 60 hours a week

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