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I'll write a longer one later but about me:

Rides mopeds: My Tomos is the most reliable thing in my life.

Makes videogames: AAA Game designer at [REDACTED] Working on [REDACTED] but also making a game in my spare time starring talking animals
My games are here:

Also makes comics: I have a long (?) running webcomic, which I update about once a month when I have the capacity to at
(moving to a REAL website is on the horizion)

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I've heard the term "Shlooters" thrown around to describe "Loot Shooters" like Destiny/Anthem/etc 2 times now. is that gonna stick? please don't stick.

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I spotted this while I was out this morning and I demand to know which one of y'all's responsible

i've listened to 2 podcasts now about Anthem, both Giant Bomb and Waypoint, and the consensus seems to be EA made Bioware ship a game in 18 months

there are far too many people in this park for me to walk and relax

going to need a bill of sale of some kind, which I lost about 2 years ago (and it's dated, so the fine for registering with an over month old bill of sale is $175). One person i know registered his car with an emailed bill of sale, so maybe I can do that instead, since I know the original owner.

I need to get this bike registered before I feel safe really taking it out. It doesn't have a title, but it hasn't been registered since the year 2000, so it's records are probably expunged from the system (which keeps them around for 8). So I think I can just take the vin to a DMV and get a new title.

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blasting 69 Boyz "Tootsie roll" in my Geo Metro while drifting thru the mall parking lot in a huge loop, the cops can't stop me becaues I get 60mpg and have a full tank

I can ping and other mastodon instances, but it can't resolve the addresses of others. I don't know why it does this on this laptop in this fucking coffee shop doesn't work

on this wifi I can only connect to mastodon instances because they use ipV6, but tumblr and everything else seems to use IPv4???? what????

tumblr can't load so I can't post my comic, barrrrf

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oftentimes this just comes down to technical, time, or budget constraints. Sometimes it feels like you only do something because the leads say so.

AAA games are only influenced by other AAA games from the past 5 years, designers who work on them frequently reference Dark Souls as a reference point to "unique gameplay" when really they just want to break free from any game not made in the past 5 years.

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