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I'll write a longer one later but about me:

Rides mopeds: My Tomos is the most reliable thing in my life.

Makes videogames: AAA Game designer at [REDACTED] Working on [REDACTED] but also making a game in my spare time starring talking animals
My games are here:

Also makes comics: I have a long (?) running webcomic, which I update about once a month when I have the capacity to at
(moving to a REAL website is on the horizion)

should I use the same low poly animal models I've used since forever or make new ones? I should make new ones...for this....fuck

There is a very easy way to play movies on textures in unity, so I'm gonna do a project idea I've had for a while

Finished watching 'Detour', a public domain Film Noir about a guy who has the worst road trip ever

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ive been at 5 percent health for like a half hour, the screen flickering the entire time, its so annoying

Sometimes I almost come around on Mad Max but then it goes back to being bad. I'm used to the melee combat system, or hate it less

I should probably write a blog about Eastshade or something, idk

I don't wanna make a tutorial level booooooooooo

Valve's job interview is just one question: would you make Half Life 3? if you answer yes they instantly dump you down a chute, 20 floors down, into the laundry room.

wondering if I should email the dudes I talked to last week and ask about getting an interview

My goal this week is to try and script a tutorial level, this includes triggering dialog based around 1-off events. It's going to be very very very messy

can you build a fursuit head onto a motorcycle helmet? visibility would probably be terrible.

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The final mission has you "leaving" the island via a boat, which has some good closure to it. Before I left I did a bunch of paintings for fun

Anyway it was $25 very well spent. I keep saying that the best moments in games are the in-between quiet moments where you just take in the scenery. This is an entire game filled with quiet moments

The final mission has you "leaving" the island via a boat, which has some good closure to it. Before I left I did a bunch of paintings for fun

Well i finished Eastshade, it had a very good ending. I think the game really succeeded in what it set out to do, wasn't horribly long, and was just really neat. GOTY

Eastshade has totally sucked me in again, some of the later quests get really interesting, I want to finish this last one before leaving the island but I managed to softlock myself in the middle of it.

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