"Roguelike Deckbuilder" the gamer uttered. I nodded and said "FPS Roguelike Deckbuilder" the gamer got excited and yelled "souls-like FPS Roguelike Deckbuilder!"

@hellojed what if dead cells, risk of rain 2, and slay the spire fucked and birthed an ungodly child

@Aleums @velexiraptor Wait is Risk of Rain 2 good? I was sad that it was 3D but should I actually play it???

@kelbesque truth be told I haven't played it but I've seen gameplay and heard very good things from my friends with similar taste in games

@velexiraptor @hellojed what if it was cute also. like hella twee beyond belief

@hellojed turning a wheel that says MECHANICS and looking at the audience for approval like I am a contestant on the price is right.

@hellojed this but also moddable and with an entire factory game bolted on one bit at a time

@hellojed And the dedicated troll stuck their head in to say, "Souls-like FPS Roguelike Deckbuilder Dating Sim." :blobyeengrin:

@hellojed roguelike deckbuilder except you’re a dad and it’s about building procedurally-generated decks of increasing complexity and structural flimsiness

@hellojed *takes a long drag of a cigarette as all the gamers hold their breath, turns to them* Emergent. Narrative.

@hellojed gonna be honest, I want to see the fps deck builder just to see how the hell that works

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