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Princess Farmer tries her best to listen but sometimes she's too gay

gender in public, ID card stuff 

gender in public, ID card stuff 


selfie, eye contact 

trans meta? 

I'm downloading Magical Drop 3 and no one can stop me

pol but vague 

being cheery about a big negative mood 

God rest ye merry, gentlethems
May nothing you dismay
I hope that reindeer poop on those
Who do not call you "they"

Once when I was stoned, I was convinced Discordia encoded the meaning of reality in the 99 of Wands.

let's talk about weed at work 

the thing i was just referencing is a good and funky song called Evan Finds the Third Room, by Khruangbin

the song is good and the video is VERY good, it's an older lady playing with an invisible hula hoop

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