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fursona self-appreciation (enby chub zone advisory) 

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*gently takes @asdflkjh and puts them in my hand because they are so tiny. i cup my hand a little bit, but i'm very careful about it. they are warm and nice*

psst: as someone who came out of the Something Awful/4Chan trolling pogroms against furries and fought for both sides, you should have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that early internet anti-furry stigma was really just anti-queer stigma with a more socially-acceptable angle

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LB: please give my familiar a species, she is getting desperate to escape human form

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hey I remembered the chords to kk cruisin

(animal crossing music cover, but just a little bit of it)

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hey is anyone playing Widget Satchel? i literally picked it up because it has really good ferret aesthetics

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adhd meds 

animal crossing 

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