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really trying to have a barebones webappthing up 2NITE but it's okay if i miss my own deadline

doing auth security right is weird in flask? i feel like most tips get you so far, then it's like, cool, just store the login in the session and you're g2g. but i don't rely on that???

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okay I feel like this album disappeared from the internet: What Year Will You Have The World? by Peachcake

it not showing up in my GPM library and aaaa

I use the album to relax a lot. it's only 10 years old!

make one of fox's alts sonicfox, cowards

you know WHAT, that sexy eagle healthcare dot gov FA ad actually has a really good pixel art aesthetic

I wish I knew who was behind it, does FA have any transparency on their ad buyers?

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coming out, part ???/∞; deceased person Show more

All NB people ..valid af. All of them. Yes, you too

you’re very tired

> draw stickers for yourself?
- draw things you owe friends?
- go to sleep

oh no too lazy to move d-pad, and why is the sleep option the farthest away???

i woke up and had breakfast with friends and i’m going back to sleep now

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be gay use C.R.E.M.E.S.

Crimes Rule Everything My Existence Survived

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