all masculinity is not bad! masculinity is not inherently bad! masculinity is valid!!

there are people -- cis, trans, and otherwise -- who are doing masculinity SO RIGHT. and i love them.

they will be the ones that heal it. encourage them. you don't have to be masculine to help. and never discourage someone from being who they are.

if masculinity is not for you, don't shit on it. there are masculine people trying to live their lives.

even though i don't find an ounce of masculinity in me, there are some transmasc people helped me figure out who i was. a small list of appreciation:

Sam Dylan Finch, who is amazing (

Thomas Page McBee, read Man Alive and Amateur, because they're really good books (

maybe not transmasc but definitely influential:

Molly Woodstock of the podcast Gender Reveal, the literal best podcast about gender i've ever heard. (

@heytanuki aaaa i just started Gender Reveal recently and it's so so good and molly is wonderful

@tcql aaaa good!! i seriously think everyone should hear it and i haven't yelled enough about it 💖

@heytanuki Gentle masculinity is such an attractive trait in friends and partners

@heytanuki the flip response is “ask your doctor if masculinity is right for you,”

But the sincere answer is, thank you, from deep in my heart. Thank you.

@heytanuki - actively supports LGBTQ+ folk

- normalises men doing "feminine" things such as painting nails, wearing makeup, dying yr hair funky colours

- has a cool trademark selfie face

- has an actual sense of humour

@heytanuki this this this i have some very manly men in my life- cis and trans and genderqueer- who do it right, who are soft and kind with it, who are caring and gentle and respectful. These guys don't get enough love.

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