last week when i was sick i recorded myself playing waste by brockhampton on guitar here it is :))) tahnk you

like 2 or 3 weeks ago i also recorded myself playing drugs with friends by car seat headrest, a very good band

@samftblaetr lots of practice honestly hahahaha this is like my hundredth take of this song

@hyperlink It’s so good I had no idea you could sing

@samftblaetr :''') thank u !!! i should post music more often

@hyperlink Yeah! I’ve never heard this song so this is a hyperlink original as far as I’m concerned

@hyperlink literally had to Google the original song because this sounds too good to be real holy crap

@jay 💜 😭 💜 😭 💜 😭 💜 😭 💜 😭 thank u omfg!!

@hyperlink hang on wait you were sick when you recorded this???? it sounds so good???????????

@jay ya but i had been practicing it for like 3 weeks before i got sick hahaha THANK u !!!!!! i really have been trying to nail it for like a month!!

@hyperlink why are you not part of an indie folk/alt rock duo I can listen to on spotify

@hyperlink bottom autumn already sounds like a whimsical EP name, you're like 80% of the way there

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