thorcc is the perfect hyperlink work since it's thicc orcs and also thicc forks

@hyperlink is that a tapestry beater?? it is right??

@Torie i think it’s literally designed to be useless. it’s art

@hyperlink ok but it could be a tapestry beater hype. it could.

@hyperlink @Torie Yeah there was a whole series of these beyond thick fork and long mug, it's all about conceptualizing useless versions of useful objects

art is fun :)

@Torie @hyperlink I feel like most things could be tapestry beaters if you tried hard enough

Your phone could be a tapestry beater

@witchfynder_finder @hyperlink that is just. categorically, definitionally untrue.

@Torie @hyperlink I mean, if you whapped your phone onto a tapestry and some dust came out, I feel like that's close enough

lewd shitpost 

@Torie @hyperlink this is only a tapestry beater if my ass is a tapestry

@hyperlink that series of household items that are totally useless is my favorite shit

check out chain fork

@Kat @hyperlink this looks like someone buying a streetlight manifesto shirt in hot topic

@Kat Image Description: a picture of a fork. the handle has been mostly replaced by a small metal chain.

@Kat @hyperlink If I was an anime character this would be my weapon

alt-text for parent 

@Kat @malle_yeno @hyperlink
A plate with a fork, knife, and spoon resting on it. Except the handle of each utensil is made impractically out of rope.

alt-text for parent image 

@malle_yeno @hyperlink A metal spoon (perhaps brass or copper?) but with an impractically short handle, roughly the same size as the bowl of the spoon itself.

@hyperlink honestly this isn’t that hard to use just sip it long ways

@hyperlink why the long face? for drinking from the long mug
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