ok but seriously the idea that ALL notifications on your smartphone come through with roughly equal priority and zero context, and that we are expected to manage dozens or hundreds of potentially critical but mostly unimportant pocket buzzes a day is fucking untenable

@hyperlink my longtime solution: no push notifs except for texts and calls and slack when im at work

@swirlz i recently went thru and revoked push notification privileges for like half my apps and still get 500+ a day x.x

@hyperlink this is why they invented smartwatches, so you can move the problem to your wrist

@jay @hyperlink can verify this has been the net effect of owning one.

now for every old buzz, i get a fucked up haptic tap on the wrist that still occasionally makes me trip out for a tiny fraction of a second, looking for the person or object that just thwacked me, seeing no one

the future owns

@hyperlink a coworker has literally no notification sounds or vibrations for anything other than phone calls. I am very jealous of this.

@hyperlink if they let you prioritize, everyone would turn off the ads and they wouldn't be able to wake you up at 2am to tell you about the least consequential news story of the year

@hyperlink ok but imagine having to figure out how to categorize them and sometimes how categories are context dependent on what is communicated and stuff
That sounds almost as bad of a nightmare :(

(Oh, not that I'm disagreeing)

@alexandria yeah its not an easy problem to solve at all but also like... we should solve it lmao

@hyperlink At some point it all became background noise to me

@hyperlink It became untenable so I stopped tening it

@hyperlink yes, BUT the new incarnation where google stops showing me stuff cuz i never open things is ALSO problematic because then my friend called me In Need and I didn't get a notification of the voicemail......

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