friends don’t send friends links with utm codes at the end. delete that shit dawg

@hyperlink wait can you sincerely explain this to me pls lol

@psykhedelos yee so a lot of urls will have utm codes appended to the end. so it’ll be like that utm is typically used to track information about users, like an ad campaign associated with the link, or where you found the link. simply erasing the & and everything after that sends an identical link but with less tracking information

@psykhedelos @hyperlink UTM codes are the part of the URL that indicate things like what site referred you or the codename for the advertising campaign

@jimpjorps @hyperlink ok! i thought so but wasn't sure! thank you for explaining this to me, i will def abide by this :)

Beginner's guide to sharing links 

Intermediate's guide to sharing links 

Intermediate's guide to sharing links 

Intermediate's guide to sharing links 

Advanced guide to sharing links 

tangent, correction 

Terran horribleness, capitalism or something 

@hyperlink weirdly Spotify web links are clean, but mobile doesn't, and i don't know why

@flussence @hyperlink what if someone made a shortlink service that injected randomized UTM params into whatever link they shortened

also it strips the referrer because lol no metrics or filtering for you

@hyperlink I love to share with junk UTM codes like fat_boners and fuck_you.
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