introduction, selfie, no ec 

it's me. jackdaw. you know me. YOU KNOW ME.

we have created the most decadent and sumptuous fediverse instance in existence,, for reasons. no expense has been spared.

the dark times surround us. but do you remember places? remember frivolity? remember blissful hedonism? we're keeping them safe and secure in the palace of your mind-brains.

anyway time to fuck the new instance up with selfies of me looking of me looking like a greasy bear.

love you!

introduction, selfie, no ec 


i haven't been paying attention to #thirstaid on account of being busy today but i have a lot of horny photos. how do i get on board? do i coordinate with hyli?

introduction, selfie, no ec 

@jackdaw_ruiz it seems like mostly it's just been a matter of posting a goal and a thing that'll happen if it's met, optionally with some teaser stuff. most of the goals have been $X by 8pm on Y day

definitely would recommend @-ing @hyperlink and/or @RobinHood for the boosts, they're where most of the action has been so far so that'll probably be the best way to make it widely known


introduction, selfie, no ec 

@alexis @jackdaw_ruiz @RobinHood thirst aid is easy! set a goal and a deadline, use the hashtag , we'll help re-share, post the pics when we hit the goal!

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