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hey if any of y'all have a 3/2DS, my friend code is 0319-3608-2643! bonus points if you play animal crossing uwu

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Alrighty, time.

Howdy! You can call me Jay.

I'm an grey/bi romantic 20-something, and I like cute anthro art, retro computing, and terrible compsci jokes.

also: im dog

Subscribe to my podcast, It's about 90s nicktoons and also a leftist critique of identity politics
It's called "Rockos' post-post-modern life"

haha yeah Episode 5: A Tiger, A Merchant, A Newborn Cathedral is NOW AVAILABLE😎

in this " ha ha yeah' we take you on a mind boggling audio journey taht you will never forget. and also hyperlink becomes bane (Bane Hyperlink [Baperlink]) which is really nice for him

special shout out @jay for linkalert


apple podcasts:



bit urgent need for financial help, boosts appreciated 

OPM does not stand for other people’s money it stands for Oh Puppy??? Me

I have a pair of chinese rave glasses that can display scrolling text, bitmaps, or animations. They also make you look way too cool for school.

They speak Bluetooth to a shady APK, I've put it on a disconnected phone and I'm reverse engineering the protocol.

you know how, when dogs see another dog, they're all like "OMG UR A DOG?!? I'M A DOG! WE'RE BOTH DOGS!!"

that's what I'm like when I see another queer person in public

a trans youtuber is doing a 24 hour donation stream to help fund her surgeries! come say hi!

Asking For Help, Boosts Appreciated 

truly whomst among us has not been trish mcburger

i present: "google looking glass" – an animated version of that one moment in @hahayeahpod episode 4 (w/ @selontheweb and @hyperlink)

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