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🌞 ☕️ :blobshibesmile: :coffeepot: ✨ 🌇

Start your morning right with SNOUTS! IN THE MORNING with @hyperlink and @jay.

It's just like your favorite morning show, but we're dogs the whole time 🐶

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if y'all have switches and want to add me, my friend code is SW-2421-5026-8921!

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Alrighty, time.

Howdy! You can call me Jay.

I'm an grey/bi romantic 20-something, and I like cute anthro art, retro computing, and terrible compsci jokes.

also: im dog


here are some levar burton replacements for the drake emojis if you want them for your instance

@hyperlink you're gonna make me wait a whole day for some Post??

passing a law to make it illegal to be as beautiful as @selontheweb is just so we can make a tacit, conspicuous exception for Sel

ebooks post 

There is a remarkable positivity to this community and it's great

closing the shit out of some tabs after finishing a project

what i'll say is that y'all aren't ready

Last Christmas
I sent you a toot
The very next day
You gave me the boot

Snouts and it's neighbors are just a big mansion with lots of rooms of variety and you get lost down the hall because it's so chaotic in asethetic like the cheesecake factory

tired: multiple drum kits
wired: every possible permutation of effects on a default 808

me: i'm gonna make a nice drum beat! :)
me: but what if i made it real glitchy

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