my ANE badge!!!!!! huge thanks to @quasar for collaborating with me on it, i'm v v v excited to print it out

@hyperlink @quasar i spent so long giggling figuring out what jokes to put on here lmaoooo

@jay @quasar i thought i'd fucking seen all the gags

and then MS-DOGS happened


@jay @quasar coming back to this the next day to let u know this is still amazing & i love it

also MS-DOGS is my favourite

@jay @quasar so when is mastodon jay 98 plus pack coming out and what features will it come with

@pupy @quasar the top feature is really all the different sounds effects for when you boop the snoot

@jay @quasar tired: putting "clothes" on
wired: putting "outfits" on
inspired: putting "themes" on

@jay @quasar ummm EXCUSE ME is something this cool even allowed?? mods?????

@jay @quasar This is still very cute and you both are good and I will have so much ANE FOMO

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