@Kat they didn't say, just that it's "in development now"

so probably whenever Metroid Prime 4 comes out πŸ™ƒ

@Kat oh yeah they released a trailer at e3 last year!!

pellets guy 

two dogs getting pets

two dogs, getting pet

my tail

my tail

involuntarily wags

bad bad bad bad bad cursed food bad bad gross bad bad don't open bad 

i'm gonna have the hyperlink song stuck in my head and it's going to be VERY problematic at work

@edgedestroys how do you record a cover of that song without immediately getting too flustered to record anything

literally the only thing that would make That Hyperlink Song better for me is a dark string section part for Extra Horny Orchestral Energy

here in new york, here on the fediverse, here on snouts

@hyperlink big "iconic moment from a critically acclaimed TV-MA show" energy

hello i wrote a very very very very very horny song from the perspective of someone topping me lol

it is called "show more" here is a demo recording of it that i made. cw for being nsfw obviously

@RustyRetro I put one on like every electronic thing I own lol

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