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i'm not sure if i make music or fever dreams any more

music posting 

i am dog in your city. i am dog in your area

@Duende @edgedestroys now I know that I'm the plucky young intern who doesn't even work here yet, but conisder:

awoo + boof: aaaaboof

it's an awrrawrawrar AND an arf at the same time

it's the latest in dog barking technology

im gonna try something here

hold on



*trying to remember the xmas song* all I want for Christmas is teeth

There are two wolves inside of me, one of them is gay, the other is also gay and, wait, hold on, what are they.. oh... OH... Ohh....

I'm a furry now

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

🎡 little a salami, for my cat
little a pastrami, for my cat
little a beef fajita, for my cat
little a chicken pita, for my cat
little a lunch ham, for my cat
little a sweet yam, for my cat
little a bbq, for my cat
little a people food makes you my cat 🎡

furries in the news (good), social media meta, capitalism 

anyone appreciating their sweet kind friend Torie this morning. anyone simply in awe at her incredible capacity for compassion and grace and light. anyone?

* Lena Raine soundtrack
* animal crossing-style adorable NPCs
* you get to be a painter dog


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