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There are two wolves inside of me, one of them is gay, the other is also gay and, wait, hold on, what are they.. oh... OH... Ohh....

I'm a furry now

doing the work is hard but its important

you know what i mean

fiction, politics 

fiction, politics 

fiction, politics 

Picked up more merch and less art at MFF this time around, but I did get a sketch of my Blaziken from Graveycat and I'm still stunned by how powerful she looks. 💪🔥🐔

Scottish National Party leader says Boris Johnson has no mandate to take Scotland out of the EU and demands independence vote

You will always--always, always, always--live within an "ideological bubble," some frame of thinking, some way of conceptualizing the world, some personal overton window. You will never be without it. It is a very healthy practice to be as aware of this as you can reasonably manage, and to personally experience the infinite variety of other people's overton windows, but the idea of "removing" that framework and at last seeing "the way things really are" is only to become blind to any new bubble.

pol, anxiety (-) 

pol, anxiety (-) 

pol (-) 

UKPol / About mid-counts and why not to get discouraged 

Twitter is funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers to develop a hole. Just a really big hole. The hole will be in the ground. And when it is done they will throw Jack into it and quietly fill it back up

*Lou Bega voice*

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Ben Folds #5

every time someone makes a snouts alt "just to give (being a furry) a try" we grow more powerful

Be advised that most cheap designer pronouns you can get from street vendors are counterfeit rather than the real deal. That doesn't mean there's no art in counterfeiting, but for your time and effort, getting your pronouns through the gray/black markest--for all the risks--is likely to at least result in something for your efforts. Some pronouns you purchase from street vendors are very obviously just old pronouns that have had new parts glued or sometimes even nailed on(!?!) & spray-painted.


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