so i've been doing a lot of self-reflecting and: if i ever harshed you about a harmless kink you have, that was shitty of me

@jdlwerewolf I've been there. I didn't grow up in an anti-sex household, but I was on the anti-furry bandwagon for a long time and that's always been people's main focus there. I don't post much so I never got on anyone's case about it that I'm aware of, but it still feels like kind of a dick move on my part.

@jdlwerewolf I think I know where you're coming from, b/c I feel like I was in a similar position not long ago. Hell, I hung out with goons for a while myself.

It's hard, confronting yourself like that, but respect you for doing so and, for what it's worth, I still think you're a good person on the whole. <3

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