Yo if you’re cis, IMO you should consider changing your name. Not like “it’s a thing you need to do” but have you ever considered ur name? How do you feel about it? Want a new one?

everyone deserves the chance to pick their own name you should try it at least once and see if you like it

@junebug seriously, it's weird
you confident your folks hit a hole in one when it came with the word that represents your identity?
like, right out of the womb?

okay then

@junebug not sure about the relationship to cis/not-cis but this is part of the (now old school) hacker ethos - you're both known by and identify with the name you've pick for yourself rather than your legal name, which is only used for legal paperwork.

Which is why the rise and spread of Facebook's "real name" policy is so aggravating - I have a real name, and it's Polychrome.

@polychrome @junebug I've never been comfortable with real name identification online. I mean... sure, you can know my real name if you get to know me, whatever, but logging in with it feels wrong.

@junebug names are fun, I like mine a lot but there are a couple i've seen that I really like but never enough to actually seriously consider changing.

@junebug i like letting my friends name me. cohorts come and go and whenever i find myself a part of a new one i try my hardest to let them name me. always works out really well because i learn what they see me as.

if it's a variation on my legal name, they see me as an interchangeable cog. if it's unique, well, i'm still friends with those folks :)

@junebug When I was 13 & starting 8th grade, I cut my hair short and when our homeroom teacher took attendance for the first time and asked about nicknames I said "Ted". The whole class gasped.

They'd known me for years as "Teddy" and my old haircut was a rattail, because this was 1996.

I wish I'd gone bigger 😔

@junebug Choosing a name (or choosing to keep your given name) makes so much sense as a coming of age type of thing.

@junebug apologies for a therapydump: my thing is I absolutely hate my birth name, but I also feel In Too Deep to really do anything about it. (That and there's nothing that really calls to me. Same reason I don't have tattoos)

@neko @junebug I think you should try a bunch of different names out and see if anything sounds good after using it; given how late people can transition, it's never in too deep

@junebug When i was a kid, i wanted to change it a lot. Nowadays i wouldn’t just say i came to terms with it, but “Gergely” (en: Gregory), meaning “watchful”, perfectly describes me.

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