Friends! I was on a podcast! Specifically @BarkingPoints, and talked about a lot of things including hostile design and how to fight it.

It's political, so engage in self-care, but I'd love if you'd listen and share with friends! The Barking Crew are delightful people. Thank you @Ace, @AxelLycan, @Rybark, and @juni!

when I was 12 I was making sonic the hedgehog OCs and walking through the woods seeking fungi to poke with sticks

but apparently YouTube clout slapfights are the new after school activity

every time they come at me, there’s this part of me that wants to just be like... kid... please... your profile says you’re 12 years old, you shouldn’t be joining angry internet mobs yet, this person you watch yelling on YouTube for hours isn’t your friend or a good influence, they’re just making money off you, this defensive relationship you have with them is extremely one-sided

but it’s useless and pointless, like hell they’re gonna listen to me, papa youtube already said I was ~baaaaad~

its thankfully pretty easy to ignore once you just really, truly disengage

but waking up to a horde of ankle biters in my mentions every morning sure is irritating

honestly fuck that hellsite this place is so much better

just another normal day on twitter receiving death threats from a horde of 12 year olds because a youtuber told them to

I don’t actually know the person but when someone asks me to help them out I can’t not do it lol

A friend of a friend is trying to sell this fursuit and needed a signal boost, it’s really cute and a great deal, check it out!

I’ve befriended all the gen 1 Pokémon on mastodon

boost if your fursona has powerful thighs that could kill someone

So! I took the evening and decided, "Well, why not go ahead and make some proper art for the instance I moderate!" and here we are!

I had waaay too much fun making chibi emojis for all my fellow staff members, too!

CC from left to right:
@Ace @Rybark @Hulex @Proxy @Inazuma @masanbol and yours truly!

Let me know what you think!

it’s too humid to be outside

let me return to my blanket burrito larval state

not in order lol, now artists left to right, top to bottom are, @ arleedraw, @ mit_owo, @ nhyworks, and @ neoscottie on Twitter

thanks Amaroq

11 AM on a Monday?
Fursona appreciation hours

(Artists twitter accounts, top to bottom and left to right, if they upload in order lol: @ arleedraw, @ neoscottie, @ mit_owo, and @ nhyworks )

Maybe this is an Amaroq thing and not a Mastodon thing

I don’t know software

ok my only constructive criticism about mastodon so far is that uploading images is a huge pain in the ass, it doesn’t play nice w/ iCloud (though to be fair iCloud is just kind of a garbage service), and the images upload out of order so I’m having trouble crediting multiple artists in one post

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