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Hello, snoutizens.

I'm Katav, a queer wolf living with my boyfriend in Chicago. I'm a PhD student who studies ancient religion. I'm a vegetarian.

I like leftist politics, shitposts, and furry art, and occasionally I post stuff related to my field.

I love making new furry friends, so feel free to say hi.

🖼: Higsby

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and wonderful holidays to you all!

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"Hey everyone, I've been having trouble catching that mouse. Do you guys have any tips?"

"Be patient and don't pounce too soon. You've got this!"

"Mice are very sneaky but so are you. Use all of your senses"

"Stay positive and keep your focus! Self-doubt is your worst enemy"

*circles "become gay" on a whiteboard*

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