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Hello, snoutizens.

I'm Katav, a queer wolf living with my boyfriend in Chicago. I'm a PhD student who studies ancient religion. I'm a vegetarian.

I like leftist politics, shitposts, and furry art, and occasionally I post stuff related to my field.

I love making new furry friends, so feel free to say hi.

🖼: Higsby

Truth coming out of her well to scream at own ass (Gérôme, 1896)

far from stealing a piece of their souls, a furry grows more powerful every time you photograph them in their fursuit

All anthropomorphic animals go to heaven because hell hath no furry.

! NSFW ! [really aesthetic furry porn] 

Oh shit, I haven't been on here since the design change. This single column layout looks great.

Kink/bondage, affirmation 

This product has been certified Farage-compatible

if you're a dog, calling yourself a 'good dog' is self care

fursuit, bondage 

fursuit, Bible 

fursuit, Bible 

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