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boomers: lol millennials and Gen Z are so dumb, all they know how to do is eat avocado toast. they're so lazy and can't hold down any jobs. they can't even take any jokes because they're so PC!

millennials/gen z: OK boomer


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shoutout to all you low-key cuties on fedi, those of you who post very little or no selfies or those who post a lot of selfies but don't find yourself that cute

you are definitely cute

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what if you

wanted to go to heaven

but God said

TU Team Slayer DMR

my favorite thing about combo tutorials in fighting games is that it never teaches you the timing of the chain, so you're left guessing with how to follow up each attack in a given combo

there's DLC for DayZ as well? the game that was abandoned and rushed out of early access in an effort to get more sales?

the fuck kind of bizarro universe are we living in

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oh wait, it's not even an expansion

it's just a bunch of musical instruments

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who the fuck is still playing Rust in 2019, let alone buying an expansion for a game that was barely finished

Death Stranding 

still not over how Roll was mistranslated in Ocarina of Time as "Attack"

some day I hope to have as much power as the guitar riff in Soul Phrase

love the movie "It Follows", along with the sequels "It Likes" and "It Mashes That Subscribe Button"

well, one of them

seriously, it can go in my pocket and wrap around my neck 3 times and STILL have slack

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so I got a new pair of headphones today

they're really nice, but holy shit, the cord is. so. fucking. long.

"How about a kiss, for luck?"
"You've GOT to be kidding!"

This is an early birthday present for @owashii because I can't WAIT to post this beautiful imagery πŸ’š

do you eat the heel of a loaf of bread

I wanna enby

I wanna enby
I wanna
I wanna
I wanna

gonna keep posting "I wanna enby" because that's simultaneously my proudest and most shameful post

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