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I shit you not this was staring me down for my entire flight and it wasnt even mine

Turns out today is a good day to plant a tree

"Nyurrrgh, Colonel, I'm trying to woodshed, but the clap of me playing every instrument at once keeps alerting the audience."

This guy shreds on every instrument simultaneously. Like, really. That's not an exaggeration.

I've never checked out Nate Wood until just now but as a result I'm really starting to re-think my life decisions. idk how you miss such a tremendous talent like Nate Wood.

Warmup piece for a friend who has a penchant for oversized neckwear

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Guess who just figured out how to use GoldenEye animations on a Half-Life model. 💪🦊✨

still not over this perfect representation of Cay that @Foxdodge photoshopped

fuck the meme sweaters and propaganda shorts. draw your fursona in the antifa moomin shirt

doodled in my sketchbook today!

managed to find my ink pens and lineart it, which took an hour

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