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So basically the US is trying to sprinkle crack on Venezuela and trying to charge them with a case.


"I'm not afraid to get Corona" is fake punk.
"I'm gonna protect my community" is real punk.

Iran could potentially be facing MILLIONS of deaths from coronavirus. But US sanctions make it "virtually impossible" for it to buy medical supplies and humanitarian goods

The US empire is a mass-murdering monster

This is pure evil. There's no other word

3 April is my first doctor appointment concerning HRT. The tiddy skittles will soon flow!

is punk inherently political

(boosts good to get more accurate poll results)

Spartacast League Ep. 34 

Blasphemy Posting 

True facts: Using the "KvGnome" Kvantum style in KDE Plasma and setting GTK settings to Adawaita looks pretty swank. It's a better Gnome than !

Episode 33: "Moving Forward"

- Jazzy Vidalia @kitsuneflame
- Dark Moonpaw @DarkDehWusky

- Australia Bushfires
- A history of America's crackdown on dissent and free speech
- A look back at Occupy Wall Street
- Proposing a movement
- The Iran quagmire
- Shout out to a very special boy!


New Spartacast League coming soon! Stay tuned.

Every third birthday party on TV is a surprise party, but I don't think any humans have ever actually thrown one.

Scientists have discovered a new male contraceptive that's nearly 100% effective: It's called Reddit.

Twitter / Transphobia / Pol 

Spending Christmas with family is great and all, but I prefer Boxing Day -- the next day when you sock your racist uncle in the jaw.

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