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Hey, I’m Kobi. I draw weird furries and play keyboards in a progressive rock band. I like fajitas, synthesizers, long walks, hot showers, communists, and bowling.

unsettling dream 

unsettling dream 

partner abuse, request for help 

Maybe people are afraid of werewolves because the ones they meet are usually first-timers who haven’t figured out how to wolf yet.

Today in well-intentioned ideas guaranteed to turn out badly: “Oh no, I’ve turned into a wolf under the full moon! Here come some people. I’ll give them a big toothy grin to show I’m not a threat!”

“That entire country is brainwashed,” said an entire country in unison.

I actually suffer a lot of fools. Shit-tons of fools. Every day, fools, fools, fools. Let ’em walk into my house, eat my food, pester me with their garbage opinions.

All Dogs Are Qualified for the Presidency

Warning: This product is made in a factory that also processes Pakistan.

concept gender, not intended for mass production, no cash value, no purchase necessary, returns for store credit only, offer void in Connecticut, enlarged to show texture, do not bend, (okay you can bend a little), contains milk, produces eggs, made in Pakistan, tumble dry low

Thought I had a great mix on a song until I realized half the cymbals were muted.

hydras, fantasy gore 

hydras, fantasy gore 

Thinking about hydras and how the process of removing and regrowing heads might actually be really complicated.

Ever feel like a hundred years’ worth of bullshit just happened in one day?

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