I figured out how to do a quick and dirty VHS type animated effect in Photoshop.

rough sketch, weird multi furry, nsfw, drawn ec 

Would you like to join him/them?

Sheriff of Saturn 

I forgot I had drawn this six-legged version of the Sheriff.

I was talking to @yatchi about hextaurs and how awkward it would be to try to walk on six legs.

A commission for @hax featuring their character and my shibe chalk artist, Powder Paws.

Apparently they’re from some other planet or dimension and easily impressed by mundane Earth stuff, and I always like having a reason to draw Powpow. So, this.

Still trying to replicate a metal guitar effect using only free synth and effect plugins.

The synth is Synth1. The first clip is with the Poulin LE456 preamp sim, and the second is Blue Cat’s Free Amp.

An aggressive arp thing.

Unfortunately, the synth crashed before I could save any of the settings. So I guess feel free to take this and use it however you want.

This is the song that I mentioned had kind of a Todd Rundgren feel. Could just be me, though.

weird, nsfw, multi furry, goo, super lewd 

Now that I’ve done merging, it’s time for splitting. Here’s a grey goo rat who still needs a name.

lewd, pol-adjacent, unicorn cheesecake 

Gave it another try. I think I like this one a little better.

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I like the idea of the distressed text. Maybe I’ll work on it a little more later.

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lewd, pol-adjacent, unicorn cheesecake 

Trying to do something on the theme of “you can’t spell ‘communist revolution’ without ‘unicorn smut’”. But I’m not sure this is sufficiently smutty or sufficiently communist.

ugly ass high school art, bombs 

This is what got me a trip to the school psychologist.

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