America is a proprietary OS that consumes more resources with every update. We need to replace it with lightweight FOSS.

sinephobia, racism, anti-vax, conspiracy theory, poor understanding of anatomy, cult mindset, global elite conspiracy, pro-trump, pandemic, what the fuck did i just read 

it's funny how they call it the ivy league since ivy is an invasive plant that thrives by choking out all the plants that should be there

much like rich people

I’m sorry I haven’t replied to commission questions. I have been dealing with terrible executive function for the past, oh, 36 years.

As opposed to myself, who defends their weird fetishes in the voice of Buckminster R. Fuller

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I’ve determined the weirder your fetish is, the more you sound like a fucking wannabe Caligula while defending it.

furry not-so-straight hornt 

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furry vanilla straight hornt 

I’m not ashamed to be hornt. But right now I’m uncharacteristically vanilla hornt, of which I am very ashamed.

Being dragged into a struggle session for using Xubuntu

idk who needs to hear this but you don't have to like someone to be in solidarity with them

Turns out a lot of furries think of themselves as temporarily caged lapdogs.

“This track is gonna be the sound of the summer, mostly based on the fact that I probably won’t have enough money to fix it until like mid-October.”

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