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Hey, guess who has two thumbs and four thumbs...wait, no, now it’s eight. Shit, now it’s 16. HELP!

urgent begpost 

I missed but I’m still going to introduce myself. I’m Kobi. I’m a lava monster in the shape of a two-headed foxtaur. I make weird art and bad puns.

What if you were a werewolf but the transformation process was so exhausting that you just laid in bed until your shift was over?

Me: I am an intelligent, mature, cultured adult.

My brain: 🎵 A faaaaaart is a wiiiiiiish your butt makes… 🎵

“You were expecting John Galt, but it was me, Dio!”

I feel kind of weird producing synth funk while looking like a guy who only listens to grunge metal versions of sea shanties.

I don’t have a scientific explanation for this, but I’ve noticed when mixing music that sometimes adding or boosting the volume of one instrument can make another instrument sound more powerful.

I know there’s a typo, and no, I’m not fixing it.

You see an cat.

@BarkingPoints I don’t know if this quite fits the theme you’re going for, but I’m imagining a Michael Bloomberg ad becoming sentient and deciding to run for President, adopting the slogan, “Vote For ‘Vote For Michael Bloomberg For President 2020’ For President 2020”.

Just thought of a better version of this joke: Christopher was made a saint by accident because the bishop misunderstood the definition of a saint as “a man who displays dog maw”.

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