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Socially conscious Kaiju monsters
Mostly demolish rich people’s mansions
Building schools and stomping prisons
Mothra runs a vegan food truck

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pol snark 

There’s something uniquely tragicomic about getting a census form during a deadly pandemic.

covid-19 shitpost 

Kinda urgent $$$ assistance :boost_ok: 

Who else continued to be “awful bright for a twelve-year-old” well into their thirties?

A lot of us are stuck at home with our pets who probably think we’re in the middle of whatever the opposite of a crisis is.

Better to be a monster fucker than a fucking monster.

Joe Biden wanders the country as a ghost, eternally unable to end his presidential campaign.

Surely if nightmares exist, then daymares must also exist and be exceptionally pleasant.

give a man a hamburger and you feed him for a day

teach a man to hamburgle and you feed him for a lifetime

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