the sounds effects Bob Ross makes while he’s painting, boost if you agree

would u date an enby? would u date a Pokémon?

.... would u date an

enby Pokémon?

I feel like this image is very relevant now that I'm on mastodon.

Credit for the art goes to my pal Rocco! I dont think he has an account here yet but he's @ roundanimal on twitter

🚫 trans means you're a girl
🚫 trans means you are on hormones
🚫 trans means you are either a boy or a girl

✅ trans means you don't identify with the gender you were assigned at birth

Mary Mary, quite contrary to the belief, it's hard in these streets for big tittie vegans like myself

#mastodev #TheTruth

I should probably do an intro post!
Howdy, my name is Scarlet and I have been in the furry fandom for a really long time, just barely getting involved in discussions!
I am getting into making doom wads and general web design with my neocities (its still barren ;-:) I also make pixel art!
I am into "retro" things such as cassette tapes and records, but i am also into other things such as tabletop games, videogames, and cooking!

*edits a css file to get a discord theme to the way of my liking*

My brain:

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