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Hello, I am kode54 or kuroshi, and I just moved to this instance, to hopefully find a cleaner federated timeline than I had before. I'm a computer programmer, and somewhat rarely, a bit of a gaming addict. My boyfriend also lives on this instance.

Elaborating on that, and following the pattern of my boyfriend:

My name is Christopher, but you can call me kode54 or kuroshi, or really if you know me more personally, Chris.
I'm 36 years old
I'm from the US of A :us:
I'm a literal tuxedo cat
I'm gay 🏳️‍🌈
Sadly I am only fluent in English, but have tried to learn some Spanish
Feel free to follow me!

(ref sheet by [email protected])

@masanbol Thanks! I hope this proves to be a good move for me, although I may also end up moving back to Linux again, now that I've got less reason to be running Windows bare metal. It seems Mastodon tabs, especially on my previous instance, bog down after a day or two of collecting posts, and the result is using 3.4GB of memory and bogging down the entire browser. Funny, I never had the bogging down under Linux...

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