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Dear Mastodon: Please implement a volume control in your HTML5 video player's controls. It really bothers me that I only have a choice between Deafening and Muted.

@kode54 I wish you could post a screenshot, but those are banned here :P

@ruxnor I'm fairly sure the controls are consistent across all versions of the main Mastodon software, and I would also hope that a screen shot cropped to just the control bar of a video would not fit the description of "screen shot dunking." But I won't chance it.

@kode54 @ruxnor i'm going to have to find a video post to check with but i'm sure this was something that was introduced in glitch.soc recently

@kode54 yep, i have volume control. for reference monsterpit is currently running v2.6.5+glitch

@xaphania Yeah, Snouts, running 2.6.3, has the same player behavior as the instance that the video was originally posted on. Namely, that space on the left is also where the visibility button is placed, as well as a current/total timestamp indicator.

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