@CodeSteele I’d consider this, except I depend on providing Windows builds whose binary compatibility depends on them being built with Visual Studio, a decision that has applied to the software I link against since its inception in 2001 or so, when it was built with Visual Studio 98 and a billion template hacks because VC++6 sucks. Now it just depends on VC++ ABI, including cross-module exception throwing.

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@GlitterDisaster @Monawooofer @sky Nope, that screen you see on upgrade that says β€œwait a minute” and fades between sentences, that’s the part where it downloads all that crap again on every feature update.

@baronvonjace Once you have all the basic entry equipment in 1, you can travel between all of the dungeon areas without ever returning to the surface, including doing fun things like entering the one island dungeon by boat, then leaving the boat there and returning to the surface elsewhere. Or entering it underground and hitting the entrance, only to remember there's no boat waiting for you there.

@baronvonjace If I remember correctly, Misadventures of Tron Bonne takes place roughly between the other two, and is mostly side story material.

The other two are great, though. Unfortunately, they leave me longing for more, and I know I'll never get more. The first one also feels terribly claustrophobic, what with the entire overworld and dungeon set taking place in a single island, and everything is completely connected together in almost a loop shape.

@baronvonjace Misadventures of Tron Bonne? That's the one game of those three that I haven't played before.

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@fribbledom Unless they're downloadable console games, those don't seem to drop in price at all, ever. Well, at least if you're on a Nintendo console.

@staticsafe @monorail Well, if your router doesn’t have some form of Quality of Service packet shaping, any max speed upload will start to cause serious latency and/or packet loss.

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@Azure @Ambassador I signed up after I saw them mentioned on Scuttlebutt, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to immediately jump on the subscription bandwagon without actually deciding whether I would find them more useful than either Github or Bitbucket.

@ShugoWah Well, glad it's working for you. I don't remember that well, but I remember that if the graph goes red, it means the browser missed a frame, not that the compositor fudged it. I'll have to research this more.

@ShugoWah I'm on Arch, running composited Gnome, and I can fairly well sustain 60fps at vsynctester.com, but it does stutter every now and then, and I don't really know who to blame. I'm also running amdgpu.dc=0, and don't have TearFree enabled in my Xorg settings. Also running a patched Mutter that's supposed to better handle hardware refresh rates, (mutter-781835-workaround) but I can't be terribly sure. Would you know about more in this fascinating field of Wish It Did It This Way?

@lynnesbian @DylTheFunkyHomosexual Yes, but a web site has to be seeing ad impressions in the hundreds of thousands of hits per day to even really make a reasonable amount of money off the ads. My tiny web site, for example, was getting configured to run freaking MacKeeper ads, and it sees maybe 600 hits per month, and it would probably get me my first ever $100 deposit in revenue after 5 years or more. Then again, more of my typical users are likely to block than the usual tiny average.

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