@NovaSquirrel this reminds me of how half the channels I’m in on furnet ban people from the channel , headquarters of the same named anonymous furry imageboard, a channel I used to idle in, where I saw at least a few instances where the owner made fun of people making DMCA takedown requests and posted their dox i. The channel. Lovely people.

@roxy Just need a VGMStream based plugin for whichever player you end up using. Hell, even some games and mods use the library for even just single looped formats, due to its ease of implementation and BSD license.

@roxy If you want the full soundtrack in looped formats, you can go to vgm.hcs64.com and search there, heh.

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@pixl @ShugoWah But don't you see? Nothing will ever make Windows anything less than the supreme operating system for Everything. And even if it does somehow lose its superior market share, it will just be filled in with people suddenly forgetting that Macs are terrible hardware and buying into the macOS ecosystem. It's a lose-lose situation for operating systems without extreme commercial monopoly position. It's not as if OS outliers are whales or anything.

@ashiinu @GlitterDisaster I used to have that gif saved on Telegram, but it fell out of the all too small 200 image limit.

@GlitterDisaster I've sneezed hard enough to hurt my back, but that usually only happens when I'm laying down.

@pixl That reminds me, I have Dear Esther, and whatever the hell Landmark Edition is, but have never played or even installed it since I purchased it with a Humble Bundle in 2013. Also reminds me I never purchased Gone Home, either.

@cr1901 You’ll also be happy to know that whether an object in one sector is visible to the ai from another sector is pre-calculated and stored in the map. Some maps can use this for neat tricks. Some crappy fan maps can turn out to be super slow by having tons of sectors and defining every one to be visible from every other one. Yuck.

@tom Thought I'd let you know, if they're on the main instance, mastodon dot social, or any number of potentially objectionable instances, this instance mutes the main except for people you explicitly follow, and suspends a lot of of the bad instances as they make their intentions known. If they have been appearing in fedi timeline, I probably haven't noticed any of them yet, since I don't scan that timeline very often, as it tends to fly by really quickly.

@tom I found that my dad didn't really immediately take to the switch I ended up forcing on him, (as it was a choice between the low spec Dell machine and dying monitor he was using, and the new iMac I got him), he did learn many new things, and continued to use some older things he was used to and happened to be ported to macOS, like Audacity. Problems: Now we have this annoying 32 bit droppage that Apple has planned for this year's release to contend with.

@tom Heh, nope. And while I may be a Linux user frequently, I'm also a Windows and macOS user, as well as iOS mobile devices. I don't try to tell people that any one of them is better than the others, and from what I've found, none of them are totally dead simple for beginners or even more advanced users, and all will require the user to either look things up in a manual or an Internet search engine, or ask someone for help, at least until they get the hang of whatever it is they're using.

@tom Who even does that? Every OS Sucks in its own special way, so you’re just trying to tell someone to learn an entirely new problem set, instead of letting them stick with their existing problem set. Unless you really enjoy making people dependent on you for future advice, that is. Oh wait, I gave my dad an unsolicited Mac for Christmas a few years ago, so I’m Part Of The Problem.

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@Rewhan @gnarlyanimal @pixl This reminds me of how AOStH had an episode where Sonic's shoes were stolen, and he spent the whole episode walking around real slow like in his socks, due to lack of friction protection offered by the shoes. It also had a Sonic Sez at the end that featured a shower scene, and to this day, I still never really caught what was supposed to be standing in the shower appearing to be Sonic showering. *shrug*

@apow I brew 190Β°F coffee with a Keurig machine and dump in way too much International Delight Hershey's Chocolate Caramel creamer, which both sweetens it and cools it to a more palatable temperature. I usually switch to doing the same, but brewing the mess over a mason jar full of ice when the weather becomes hot again. What am I? (Besides telling you too much unsolicited information.)

@Nowak As a conforming non-conformist, I kept warm in the winter months of my teen years by wearing a flannel shirt over my t-shirt, because I was wearing a denim jacket, and that didn't warm worth a damn without the flannel.

@SwooshyCueb The other problem I usually had with Plasma's screen locker was that it doesn't have a short circuit on the DPMS timer, so unlike Gnome, it doesn't power my screens off when I lock them, unless I add a manual Notification event to run the right commands, and even then, it won't repeat if something moves the mouse and causes it to wake up at some point, then it's another 10 minutes before the screen will turn off again.

@rey @catgirl Let's not forget capacitive touch screens require a special stylus to sign on, unless they're super sensitive and can pick up a fine tipped stylus, like the NVidia Shield tablets could.

Oh yeah, and if you have to get a special stylus, and it's not tied down, expect some asshat to steal it first thing.

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