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@Felthry She's basically arguing with a dining companion, possibly a friend, and then friend starts crying, and the argument stops. The people who apparently observed it didn't actually listen in closely enough to record what the actual conversation was about, I guess?

@Felthry @ShugoWah I googled the reference. It was from 2010, so I don't think it would be too likely to be trending at Hellsite right now.

@ShugoWah @Felthry Aha, Jamie Lee Curtis. Guess I totally missed that one. Maybe it would help if I still followed Hellsite.

@Felthry @ShugoWah I guess their trainer isn't helping out, so they have to spray themself?

@Felthry @ShugoWah Sorry, I don't get it either. I'm not heavy enough into PokΓ©mon to know which potion bottle is purple, nor is Google helping.

@roxy No, I mean, you literally can't do that with real hardware. It has to be an emulator that has the hardware functionality turned off.

@roxy I swear this "original" sounds like they turned off the hardware interpolation.

@snailerotica aww crap, you probably didn’t need that anecdote in reply to your post

@snailerotica I did everything right last night, but still tossed and turned for 5 hours, then dragged my ass outta bed at 6am, finally had breakfast at 7, had another at 10:30, lunch at 3, dinner at 7, and will probably try the sleep thing again at 1, just like last night. I’m probably not in a right state right now, either, as earlier, I was washing a dessert cup, and pushed the brush in too hard and made it pop loudly, and I about went through the roof in shock.

@Nowak it could be that easy for me, except I’d need all new ddr4 ram to replace the 32gb of ddr3 I currently use. For my bf, it would be what you got, plus a case, psu, and video card, all with the extreem duties of importing all that crap into Chile. (He currently has one of those NUCs, so aio with igpu, but he does have a nvme ssd and some ddr4 ram)

@Nowak it must be nice to have money to up and throw away your current computer and just slap together a brand new one

@Nowak I still haven’t disabled SMT, and I’m probably not likely to, either.

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@starseeker I have an older account on, but it's mostly unused since I moved instances ages ago, and it's definitely not in sync with my main account.

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