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Of course, it also intentionally defederated with mastodon.social, the largest instance in existence, because it didn't like all that traffic or something like that.

@Aerdan @awilfox @[email protected] I love how my instance makes me miss out on half this conversation, because it refuses to talk to pleroma.site, or even let me remote follow a user from there.


Brogrammer Drama 


@oolongstains only the physical edition. It would be absurd to limit the digital download only version, right? Right??

@Kat @roxy Man, I didn't realize how old that Dianetics book was, some of today's boomers weren't even old enough to read when it came out. I do remember the volcanic eruption commercials they ran on TV for that book in the 90s or early 2000s or so.

@oolongstains Getting a jump on scalping all of those limited run physical copies and selling them for top dollar. Oh wait, I suppose you're going to tell me that the Japanese version isn't a limited run like the US release is?

@Aerdan @sir @[email protected] well, yeah, it only needs a little help from carefully constructed shell scripts and makefiles. Otherwise, it’s perfect

Also I switched from crafting C++ libraries to crafting C libraries with opaque pointers to nested structures, none of which are known outside their respective unit, and only expose an opaque byte count so the top level unit can total up all the sizes and pass this to the caller, who handles all allocation and freeing in one fell swoop.

@ShugoWah Not only did I print an eBay shipping label without it charging me anything, but the scheduled pickup for USPS silently got rescheduled to a day later, and the guy who picked up the package on the correct day never scanned it’s tracking code, which I also somehow had to add to the PayPal order manually that time...

@ShugoWah yeah, I think I need to do that too, but first I want to scan the system from the encrypted Linux install I already have on another drive, to see if anything even shows signs of anything obviously β€˜off’...

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