@sir I like to use state machine structures with my partial console emulator implementations, because I like to brag that you can totally run an instance on every thread of your cpu if you want, and they won’t step on each other. Sort of vaguely useful for batch file conversion or processing. I’ve even gotten better about compartmentalizing the state structures! Well, okay, it is sort of poo, but I think sticking a bunch of global variables at the top of each file really sucks way more.

@lanodan @sir hours upon hours of micro managing your own computer and electronic devices, so many developers probably do that and take it for granted that any of their user base is even remotely that nuts

@lanodan @sir and then came the developers for whom the primary user is merely themselves

@roxy Ah, this is second gen, Zen+. The 7 2700. About on the performance level of the previous generation. Only the new Zen 2 stuff seems to get a noticeable jump on the previous generations, but that stuff is nearly impossible to get ahold of, and is like twice as expensive. And I wasn't the one paying for the hardware this time, so I wasn't going to try to get "top of the line", but decent enough. It was already a significant boost over what broke on me.

@roxy Huh, my Ryzen is using ~6-7% total, and it's running around 45Β°C... Hmm. I was sure I put the thermal compound on right, unless it really stops working after being in storage for like 7 years.

@roxy Are you sure that, ah, nobody's been smoking on premises? Or maybe your air is just that much worse than my local air, which produces a white/gray dust.

@roxy Fangamer also handled all the rewards for the Bloodstained KickStarter, including the digital licenses for downloads. Still waiting for them to get to shipping the physical rewards I ordered, and wondering what a GOG physical copy looks like, possibly hoping for a Steam physical since that’d be easier to get running on Lummox than the freaking Gog Galaxy launcher.

@tinytoydragon @owashii That's the sort of behavior that makes me want to punch that guy, except I don't get aggressive at all, so more likely I'd just boil, then come over and tell the person to kindly heck off and choke on their damn coupon. As a customer, I'd be more than willing to step up to the defense of service workers who are being mistreated by asshole customers. I'd do this more often, if I actually was a witness to it the few times a week I'm at different grocery stores.

@Nowak @ShugoWah So I hear the previous generation, the Ryzen 7 2700, what I just got a few weeks ago, is below $200 on Amazon. Maybe wait a few months/years for the scalper parade to be over for the current generation?

@roxy If they X-Zone your entire party, you're forced to leave the area and re-enter it, I think?

@roxy For example, Pinball Fantasies, which had cycle timed music code, lol.

@roxy Incidentally, that slowdown is due to the original being too processor heavy for a cycle accurate clocked SPC unit. ZSNES didn't actually apply any proper timing to the SPC chip, so this song would probably play full speed there. Anything that didn't use the timers would be royally screwed.

re: a request you've probably heard a non-zero number of times, no image desc 

re: a request you've probably heard a non-zero number of times, no image desc 

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